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Accela Launches CivicPay to Power Secure Citizen-to-Government Payments

CivicPay integration with Accela Civic Platform creates seamless online payment process for government agencies and their citizens


Accela, the leading provider of productivity and civic engagement solutions for government, today announced the launch of CivicPay on the Accela Civic Platform, empowering citizens to make payments to government agencies online in real-time. CivicPay offers residents an easier way to make payments anytime, from anywhere, and allows agencies to securely automate the process.

CivicPay’s system addresses the pain points associated with traditionally time-consuming and difficult payment reconciliation processes by creating a single, consistent and safe payment experience for all government-citizen transactions. Residents can pay for utility bills, licenses, permits, inspections, plan reviews, service requests, code violations, and more. Accela’s solution is tailored specifically for the government agencies it serves and fulfills the entire payment process, including the front- and back-end software and processing. Accela’s Business Tax product, which was recently launched to improve outdated tax management through an easy-to-navigate online portal, is now also powered by CivicPay.

“The development of CivicPay is the result of Accela’s commitment to delivering solutions and services that streamline complex processes unique to government agencies,” said Maury Blackman, president and CEO of Accela. “Our knowledge of what citizens want and the tools governments need makes us best equipped to provide a secure, efficient solution for processing transactions and offer governments something no other payment platform can.”

Benefits of Accela’s CivicPay solution to government agencies and citizens include:

  • Consistent payment experience: Through a single platform, citizens can make multiple transactions, view real-time payments and make payments on any device. CivicPay accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, electronic fund transfers, ACH and electronic checks.
  • Seamless agency integration: CivicPay integrates seamlessly into the Accela Civic Platform, eliminating the need for APIs. Agency cost/time savings: The platform is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant, saving agencies on the costs associated with otherwise meeting this requirement. The automated process reduces manual payment processing time.
  • Secure transactions: CivicPay features industry-leading payment and credit card data security, including PCI-approved solution and point-to-point encrypted card terminal devices.

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