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    How to Level Up Your Fire Inspections

    Accela has worked with fire departments across the country to modernize their fire inspections, permitting and plan review. Check out our infographic, How to Level-Up Your Fire Inspections for some helpful tips on how to improve….

    Cut Permit Turnaround Times By 50%

    Developers, contractors and project owners rely on government agencies to process applications quickly and efficiently to keep their ventures on time and on budget. Accela’s Civic Application for Building helps agencies streamline and eliminate steps within their permitting process….
  • short term rental infographic

    Accela Short-term Rental Registration: Challenges and Solutions for Local Governments

    Accela Short-term Rental Registration is a flexible, cloud-based solution designed to help municipalities streamline the host registration process. Leveraging advanced technology tools, the software brings this disruptive new industry into compliance while also nurturing the economic resilience of your community and protecting neighborhood cohesion….
  • Making the Shift To Saas

    Top 8 Reasons Leaders are Moving to the Cloud

    Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is empowering agencies to provide higher quality services to citizens with less effort and cost. A recent study by Bain Consulting showed that 78 percent of state and local government agencies either have adopted a SaaS solution or are preparing to adopt one to manage their enterprise applications. In our infographic, learn the key reasons governments are making the shift to the cloud and how SaaS solutions can help you revitalize and safeguard citizen services….
  • The Tools Health Departments Need - Infographic

    Top 10 Essentials of Environmental Health Management

    From open software infrastructure to implementation and training, download our infographic to learn the top 10 essentials you need to make your health department more efficient and effective through technology….

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