Brochures - Solutions

Agenda and Minutes
Manage your public meeting process with a cloud-based solution that improves staff productivity and offers citizens a view into what’s happening in their community. Download ›
Alcohol Licensing
Manage the licensing and relationships involved in the production, distribution and sales of alcoholic beverages. Download ›
Asset Management
Manage the lifecycle of your infrastructure to get the maximum value out of your assets with Accela Asset Management. Download ›
Asset Management for Stormwater Systems
Manage stormwater systems to prevent flooding and water pollution with an integrated asset management and work order solution. Download ›
Asset Management for Streets
Manage the lifecycle of your infrastructure to get the maximum value out of your assets with Accela Asset Management. Download ›
Asset Management for Wastewater Systems
Manage wastewater assets with an integrated asset management solution to prevent service disruptions and minimize costs. Download ›
Asset Management for Water Distribution Systems
Manage your water distribution system to provide access to clean, safe water for your community. Download ›
Boards and Commissions
Streamline and manage meeting body appointments online, eliminating manual processes. Download ›
Business Licensing
Track and manage regulatory processes involved in business licensing to help businesses open faster. Download ›
Citizen Relationship Management
Give citizens access to government information and services online to foster more connected and engaged communities. Download ›
Citizen’s View
Engage your citizens with visibility into road construction, street activities and events impacting the public right of way. Download ›
Civic Streaming 
Powerful, live video streaming and on-demand viewing of meetings on all devices with DVR functionality. Download ›
Digital Boardroom
Allow meeting organizers to display real-time voting results and meeting content such as maps, slideshows or websites on boardroom display screens. Download ›
Environmental Health
Protect the public’s health by managing your environmental health data and processes in a consolidated platform. Download ›
Land Management
Accela Land Management makes it easy to govern land use and community development activities. Download ›
Licensing & Case Management
Track and manage regulatory licensing activities with the highest level of configurability and flexibility to meet unique governmental requirements. Download ›
Permitting & Inspection
Leverage the power of the Platform and industry standard building permits to automate all your building needs. Download ›
Pet Licensing
Make pet licensing effortless for your community by allowing citizens to register pets online. Download ›
Planning & Zoning
Manage designated land use for growth and redevelopment with Accela’s planning and zoning solutions. Download ›
Recreation and Resource Management
Manage your recreation resources and generate more revenue with Accela Recreation and Resource Management. Download ›
Right of Way Management 
Improve collaboration and coordination between agencies, utilities and citizens with real-time insights into street projects and activities that occur in the public right of way. Download ›