Request For Proposals Wizard: Simplify your government RFP process

Selecting software takes time and due diligence. We want to help make it easier by providing a useful government RFP tool. Our simple RFP Wizard creates a customized RFP for your agency’s specific needs for the following two solutions:

To complete the software RFP template, please have the following information available:

Basic contact information fields are mandatory, and the rest are optional. Optional fields left blank can be revisited and edited in the final RFP document. You have 20 minutes to complete each page, after which information will be lost and you will be returned to the main welcome page.

When you reach the RFP information summary page at the end, simply click the “Generate” button in the lower right corner. The main RFP document (Microsoft Word) and the Functional Requirements matrix (Microsoft Excel) will automatically download to your local drive.

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