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Queen Creek, Arizona, Struggles to Keep Up with Increasing Citizen Requests

City improves customer service with Accela Citizen Relationship Management

The Town of Queen Creek was experiencing rapid growth, and its customer service deteriorated as the Town struggled to keep up with residents’ needs. Citizens’ requests would often get lost amidst the constantly shuffling organization, and even long-term employees couldn’t keep up with the ever-changing service responsibilities. Staff had trouble responding to citizens’ requests and questions in a timely manner and experienced difficulty coordinating activities between departments. They would often find that different departments were working on the same issue. Queen Creek residents were frustrated and angry, especially long-term residents who fondly remember the high level of service they received when the community was much smaller. Additionally, Queen Creek staff lacked the resources necessary to provide consistent answers to residents’ questions, causing residents to lose confidence.


The Town Manager and Town Council set an overarching goal to improve customer service with the baseline standard that residents would receive a response to their question or request within 24 hours, acknowledging the request and providing an estimated timeline for resolution. However, The Town knew these goals were unobtainable without implementing new procedures and a new infrastructure. Queen Creek recognized that the implementation of a Citizen Relationship Management system held the keys to realizing their objectives, so they decided to move forward with Accela. The solution’s hosted approach provided a scalable, hassle-free solution that was affordable and its rule-based configuration provided greater flexibility.


The solution has enabled Queen Creek to capture all requests and questions in a centralized location so that the Town no longer experiences a loss of citizen inquiries. With Accela, more than 90 percent of citizen requests have been completed within a timeframe appropriate to specific departments and services.The solution has also enabled management to now hold departments and staff accountable to conformance to service standards. Accela Citizen Relationship Management provides a centralized source of information regarding services that staff can use to efficiently answer inquiries. The Knowledge Base, a key component of the solution, answers relevant questions for citizens so they can seek information on their own, without staff intervention. Additionally, the solution can interface with the Town’s website, helping the program stand out in the mind of residents, building awareness and recognition.

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Queen Creek, Arizona




Customer service lacked the necessary resources to handle citizen inquiries and requests in a timely manner, which frustrated citizens


Licensing and Regulatory Affairs


Accela Citizen Relationship Management

  • Received a first-place Savvy award for customer service initiative after implementing Accela Citizen Relationship Management
  • Capture all citizen requests and questions in a centralized location, ensuring they are routed to the correct individual
  • Complete more than 90 percent of citizen requests within the desired timeframe
  • Receive more than 70% of requests online, reducing phone calls
  • Track response times and completions to ensure conformance to service standards

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