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Winnipeg, Canada, Uses Accela to Transform the Right of Way Management Process

Accela helps Winnipeg save money and gain control of growing infrastructure project requests

The City of Winnipeg, Canada is a transportation hub that hosts numerous annual events and festivals. The City’s vision is “to be a vibrant and healthy city which places its highest priority on quality of life for all its citizens.” This vision supports the city’s goal to effectively manage infrastructure projects that impact the public right of way.


The City of Winnipeg has seen a steady rise in the number of project requests for construction and maintenance in the city’s right of way. Traditionally, the city would use spreadsheets to share project information. However, spreadsheets did not provide adequate information to coordinate projects across multiple departments and utilities. Facing the monumental task of coordinating thousands of construction projects with nothing more than spreadsheets, Winnipeg set out to find a better way. That search led straight to Accela, which could take the city’s project data and present it in an interactive online map in geographical and temporal context. With Accela, the City of Winnipeg has transformed the way it manages infrastructure projects, as well as a host of other street activities.


Accela has quickly helped Winnipeg seal a number of gaps in its right-of-way infrastructure management and related processes. Traffic coordinators can now review a street cut permit, visually check the map-based system for projects or permits in or near the designated location, and decide if a job can be performed during the requested timeline. Accela’s cloud-based coordination helps the city save time and money when managing infrastructure projects. “Road construction is very, very expensive,” notes Derrick Saedel, Winnipeg’s Supervisor of the Underground Structures Group. “It impacts the public, not only commuters, but also pedestrians and cyclists in an urban environment. Taxpayers have the expectation that a new road will last 40 or 50 years. With a single cut, the road’s lifecycle is reduced by a whopping 30%. Accela now allows the City to manage utility projects and avoid needless road cutting and repaving. In the end, Accela will help us substantially stretch Winnipeg’s capital budget for streets—all good things for the taxpayer.”

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Winnipeg, Canada




Gain control of growing right of way project requests while reducing costs


Accela Right of Way Management

  • Optimized construction planning
  • Reduced paving budgets and costs
  • Safeguarded newly paved streets
  • Eliminated needless road cutting and repaving by improved communication and coordination

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