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“With Asset Management,
we can track all our assets.
If we had a flood event, we would be able to track where we were having overflows so we can direct construction projects to those areas of greatest need.
It has improved workflow. It has better enabled us to track areas of need for the sake of planning future construction and capital construction projects.”

Kevin Wente, 
Planning, Preservation, Development

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Fleet Equipment

Manage, schedule and maintain vehicles and equipment to optimize resources and control costs

Managing the inventory, scheduling and condition of your agency’s fleet vehicles and equipment is no small task. To help you balance the availability of vehicles, life of service and budget constraints, Accela Asset Management provides an integrated asset and work management solution for the management and maintenance activities for your fleet equipment and vehicles.

With Accela Asset Management, you can:
  • Optimize resources and reduce unnecessary or untimely capital investments
  • Schedule limited resources across multiple, concurrent projects
  • Maximize the life of your equipment with a sensible maintenance plan
  • Minimize vehicle downtime with automated work order assignments, vehicle and equipment/parts availability and maintenance history


Prevent last-minute expenses from unexpected changes and the expiration of current vehicles. 


Plan the rotation of your vehicles and inform everyone affected.


Monitor real-time statistics and extract work order, asset and other system data for use in presentations or reports.