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Case Studies
“With Asset Management,
we can track all our assets.
If we had a flood event, we would be able to track where we were having overflows so we can direct construction projects to those areas of greatest need.
It has improved workflow. It has better enabled us to track areas of need for the sake of planning future construction and capital construction projects.”

Kevin Wente, 
Planning, Preservation, Development

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Streets and Traffic Control Devices

Manage city growth and roadway maintenance projects

Roads are the arteries that keep your community moving, but prioritizing efforts around their development and maintenance can be a challenge. Accela Asset Management enables you to take a location-based approach to keeping up with city growth, monitoring roadway, sign and traffic light assets, and tracking roadway maintenance requests.

With Accela Asset Management, you can:

  • Inventory all roadways, signs and traffic lights and track when repairs or replacements are needed
  • Manage preventative maintenance schedules configured against a single asset or group of assets
  • Monitor real-time statistics and leverage data for reporting
  • Protect your most critical assets by prioritizing work based on failure analysis


Automatically schedule preventative maintenance and perform condition assessments on assets.


Comply with agency-specific or industry reporting requirements, such as Governmental Accounting Standards board Statement 34(GASB 34) with flexible reporting tools.


Integrate with SCADA systems to quickly access and analyze information, rank and prioritize activities based on critical need, consequences of blockage and failure, violations or public health concerns. 


Initiate and document work orders from the field, driving efficiency in and out of the office.