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Build strong, safe and attractive communities

Automate zoning, planning, plan review, complaint management and code enforcement functions to safely grow your community.

Accela’s Civic Application for Planning reduces manual and labor-intensive paperwork of plan reviews to quickly develop and grow more livable communities. 

Planners can easily share plan and code data with building departments, law enforcement, public works, and other agency and department personnel to dramatically improve accuracy, speed, and security when sharing information. The solution’s citizen request portal makes it simple for citizens to file complaints, and for agencies to inspect, evaluate and take corrective action faster, greatly increasing citizen satisfaction.


  • Promote economic growth and community development

    Reducing the manual and labor-intensive work of master plan creation, plan reviews and approvals means more development and faster growing communities.

  • Create more livable communities

    Automate the inspection and enforcement of planning codes to ensure growth plans are adhered to and communities develop as intended.

  • Increase inter-department communication

    Share plan and code data with Building Department personnel to improve the accuracy, speed and security when sharing information.

  • Improve builder efficiency

    Manage time and resources more productively with fewer reviews, faster approvals and better project tracking.

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We are moving the City to a place where we give more information to the public, are more efficient at tracking our own records and are creating a systematic process.”

Tom Vanover
Building Commissioner, Cleveland, OH


  • Ease of use and access

    Features of our software

    Modern and intuitive user interface

    HTML5 and responsive design provide a seamless experience for both agency staff and citizens on any device.

    Online citizen portal

    A one-stop-shop to apply, verify status, pay fees and conduct property research, reducing in-person visits and phone calls, and improve the citizen experience.

    Built-in reporting

    Give administrators and managers the information they need to manage agency productivity, uncover bottlenecks or process congestion.

    Online payment systems

    Increase convenience for citizens and remove the manual payment processing work from agency employees.



  • More integrations equal flexibility

    Platform-wide integration capabilities

    APIs, SDKs, and open data allow developers to integrate with existing software solutions to meet the unique needs of any community.

    GIS integration

    Easily produce interactive maps and visualizations, making planning and code enforcement data easy to leverage and understand.

  • Supporting devices and better workflow

    Accela software supports ease of access from different devices and 24/7

    Full-featured mobile platform

    Role-based apps allow inspectors and code enforcement personnel to efficiently access all needed documents and information in the field, and get more work done.

    Workflow management system

    Automate the tasks and functions needed for planning processes. The system can assign tasks, track reviews, associate documents and information to tasks, and keep the most complex processes running smoothly.


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