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“The Accela Civic Platform gives us additional functionality to support document review and GIS capabilities in addition to mobile apps, and is aligned with our commitment to provide transparency and robust online services for our constituents.”

Rene Sedillo,
Technology Manager,
Planning and Development

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Track and manage plan reviews online

Paper-based planning and zoning processes are time consuming and add costs to development projects. Time and budget pressures are leading communities to consider more efficient digital solutions to improve customer satisfaction, save tax dollars, and support economic growth and development.

Accela Planning automates and tracks plan reviews electronically, while ensuring compliance with local, state and federal regulations. Applications advance quickly from the planning stage through Certificate of Occupancy, and applicants receive status updates throughout the process.


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Accelerate the planning process
Enable multiple reviewers to simultaneously review and approve applications. Use electronic document review to further streamline your process.
Prevent long lines and phone calls

Minimize the crowds at City Hall and offer developers, contractors and citizens the ability to submit building plans and pay online 24/7.

Provide updates to applicants

Communicate about hearings and plan reviews with Accela Citizen Access, and offer transparency into the planning process for citizens and contractors.

Learn more about Accela Planning

Watch how Accela Planning provides a comprehensive solution for electronic plan submittal, review, public notification and approval.

The City of El Paso Texas
"...provide excellent service to the customers, whether it’s a homeowner, contractor or architect..."

“Our department vision is always to provide excellent service to the customers, whether it’s a homeowner, contractor or architect. We need to be able to generate revenue for the city via the tax base. So the longer a plan sits at our office, the longer we’re not making money as a city because the building is not getting constructed.”

Tony De La Cruz, Sr. Plans Examiner, Planning and Inspections Department


Workflow streamlining and automation

Work more efficiently with your agency staff and applicants. Streamlined workflows including plan reviews, fee calculation and collection, sign-offs, and task lists help speed the plan review process.

Online document submission

Provide citizens with a convenient multi-language view of planning, permitting and building information. Accela Citizen Access improves response time and reduces paperwork with efficient applications, renewals and inspections.

Electronic plan review

Minimize costs, reduce review time and save storage space with Accela Electronic Review on the Civic Platform. Collaboration in the cloud streamlines communication and documentation between applicants, reviewers and case managers.

GIS integration and mapping

Access GIS maps and leverage your agency’s GIS information for a geographic view of land and infrastructure information associated with records, such as parcels, permits and inspections.

Fee calculations and cashiering

Assess planning fees and automate fee collection with integrated cashiering capability. Give citizens the flexibility to pay online via CivicPay or at the counter.

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El Paso, Texas
El Paso reduces multi-department plan review time by moving to electronic planning
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