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 “As public servants, we have an obligation to transmit the communities we serve into a greater, better and more beautiful condition than they were transmitted to us, and Accela has brought me one step closer to making the community I serve a model for others to follow.”

Jaime L. Evelina, RMC
Township Clerk

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Digital Boardroom

Display real-time voting results and meeting content in the boardroom

Bring efficiency, order and accuracy to your board meetings by making your boardroom digital. With Accela, you can show real-time voting results and meeting content on chamber room display screens, while displaying the content to your online audience. Engage your staff and citizens with real-time insight into your meetings.  

Digital Boardroom gives you:

  • Digital speaker signup, timer and queue to keep public meetings moving forward
  • Easy agenda navigation with touch screen design and automatic page turning
  • Electronic voting is quick, accurate and directly captured into your meeting minutes
  • Private digital sticky notes to allow you to prepare talking points per agenda item


Easily navigate the agenda and enlarge attachments with a simple touch-screen design and automatic page turning to keep everyone on track and control real-time information.


Project meeting information, current agenda items, voting results and images of people in the queue waiting to speak on an in-room display and online, giving greater visibility into legislative meetings.


Give speakers access to digital registration online or upon arrival with the ability to create talking points per agenda item with private, digital sticky notes that can be carried forward to future meetings.