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Public Safety

Streamline the enforcement of laws and codes to help make communities safer for citizens

Maintain a safe and healthy community with public safety software that helps you support public safety organizations.

Automating public safety functions, such as special-use permitting, inspections, complaint management or licensing for high-risk businesses, increases the ability to enforce laws and codes to help make communities safe. Accela’s public safety software solution is a complete system for managing many of the functions performed by police and fire departments, and other public safety organizations. 


  • Increase agency productivity

    Increase fire and law enforcement effectiveness in permit processing inspections and business licensing. In-office agency personal can handle more requests and process more plan reviews, licensing and permit applications in a shorter amount of time.

  • Improve public safety

    Allow fire and law enforcement agencies to better address their regulatory obligations without taking resources away from fighting fires and crime. With streamlined permit processing and automated workflows, police can spend more time working in the field, and fire departments can focus their efforts on fire prevention outreach and education.

  • Generate more revenue

    Increase the fee revenues collected by processing more permit applications in a shorter amount of time.

  • Improve citizen satisfaction

    Make it easier for business owners to do business with the government. Whether applying for a fire permit on new construction, or a special-use permit for a public event, speeding this process keeps projects on schedule and on budget, and improves overall satisfaction with government agencies.

Learn how Accela Public Safety can help you improve your internal processes and protect your community.

Philadelphia is aiming to become one of the safest cities in America and we are committed to working more efficiently and effectively, with integrity and responsiveness.”

Mayor Nutter
Philly311, Philadelphia, PA


  • Streamlined automation in the cloud

    Accela offers cloud-based (SaaS) solutions

    Inspections and permit processing-as-a-service

    Being hosted in the cloud means there is no hardware and software infrastructure set-up, or any need to load and maintain application software.

    Process automation

    Automate the steps and milestones needed for permit processing and other business functions. The workflow system and rules engine can assign tasks, track reviews, associate documents and information to tasks, and track processes to Service Level Agreements.


  • Easier access for all

    Accela software supports ease of access from different devices and 24/7

    Citizen access portal

    Ensure citizens can more easily submit permit applications, make payments, check status, schedule inspections, upload information and have much clearer visibility into the progress of their requests with an easy-to-use citizen portal.

    Field worker access

    Mobile worker capabilities allow inspectors and code enforcement officers to perform their work on their tablet, laptop or phone. The system manages schedules, routes travel, provides GIS information, and downloads needed information from the agency systems. While in the field, staff can complete the inspection report, upload data captured in the field, and submit inspection reports without having to go back to the office, keeping them in the field and productive.

  • 24/7 data access

    Electronic document review

    Remove the need for paper in the permitting or licensing process and enable agency employees to upload digital documents, comment on and markup documents, and ensure they always have the information needed to complete their inspections and process permits.

    Integration with GIS

    Built-in GIS capabilities produce interactive maps and visualizations, making inspection routes, inspection histories, and permitting data easier to understand.

    Online and ad-hoc reporting

    Ensure management always has a clear picture on the nature of their permitting, licensing and inspection functions by helping organizations measure, track and analyze steps in the processes and uncover opportunities to improve employee productivity and effectiveness.

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