Accela Service Request Management makes communicating with citizens easy, responsive and transparent

Service Request Management

A better way to engage your residents

Making government accessible, responsive and transparent.

Today, residents expect simple, consumer-like experiences when requesting non-emergency, 311-type assistance from local government. Reporting a pothole, a burned-out streetlight, or grafitti, or simply accessing information such as the location of the closest animal shelter or neighborhood trash pickup schedule, should be easy. However, with costly call centers, manual processes for tracking and managing requests, and limited mechanisms for timely two-way communication, agencies often fall short of expectations.

Accela Service Request Management, a branded, mobile and web-based solution, helps government keep pace with evolving resident demands and facilitates customer relationship management. The solution includes Accela’s Premium Citizen Experience powered by OpenCities, where users can make requests and access information when and how it’s convenient for them. In addition, agencies can ensure close case management with limited resources to resolve requests fast and ultimately improve the overall quality of life within a community.


tab-feature-proc-automation tab-feature-proc-automation Process automation

Automate configurable workflows to properly route associated tasks upon submission, and send internal and external communications, including notifications and reminders.

Case management

Access an intuitive solution for agency staff to search requests, track cases, and prioritize and manage their queue from request intake to resolution.

Online resident access

Enhance the resident experience with a fully brandable site for submitting and tracking requests, inquiries and complaints. Residents can even snap photos and attach them to a request for additional detail, access request history and status, and view relevant information through an FAQ or commonly asked questions board.

Insights and analytics

Gain a detailed look at agency performance for things like number of overall requests, number of pending requests, average resolution times, completion rates, and more. You’ll also gain visibility into the types of requests being made for complete service request optimization.

Map visualizations

Enable residents and agency staff to pinpoint requests on a map for quick insight into the nature and location of an issue. Knowing exactly where your residents need help is critical to getting them resolved quickly and efficiently.

tab-feature-8 tab-feature-white-8 Mobile responsive

Provide residents with a mobile responsive solution designed for on-the-go accessibility. Now residents and businesses can submit requests 24×7 on any device, anywhere. Field workers can also access the solution from the device of their choosing for easy investigation and validation of incoming requests.


Helping more than 200 government agencies better engage with residents through accessible, responsive, transparent service request management



More efficient processing for non-emergency resident requests make for cleaner, safer and more livable communities. Plus, when citizens can connect with government in a way that’s comfortable for them, they’re more likely to expose issues improving the quality of a community.

Accela’s Service Request Management creates a branded and “consumer-like” experience for residents. It makes it easy for community members to make requests for services, or access information on events, landmarks, and information on other civic services such as trash pickup schedules or road construction project status.

For large cities, 311 call center budgets can run in the millions and even tens of millions of dollars annually. Accela Service Request Management aims to decrease government spending by reducing time and resources required by agencies to handle non-emergency requests. When residents interact with government online, agencies can better manage call center staffing and eliminate inefficiencies in routing and tracking requests.

Conditional workflows ensure requests are picked up by the correct department with two-way synchronization for close tracking and management. Tasks can easily be assigned based on request type and even geographic boundaries. This ensures service requests are never dropped in handoff, and all parties, including residents, have complete transparency with real-time status updates.

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