Utility Billing


Powerful, comprehensive utility and billing system with online bill payment

Gain control with a straightforward and flexible utility and billing system that provides online bill payment for local governments and utility districts. With a complete process from “meter to cash”, Utility Billing works with third party billing companies or as a complete end-to-end billing solution. Built-in service order processes enable maintenance scheduling at the click of a button, and online bill pay helps your residents monitor their usage history and payments online.



Reduce staff time spent on customer management through quick handling of credit checks, adjustments, refunds or collections.




Integrate seamlessly with 3rd party software and Accela Finance and Administration for easy set-up of full-cycle billing processes.


Leverage online billing and payments  to provide citizens with online access, process payments in real time, and reduce customer management.



Produce sophisticated reports with highly detailed data to help with audits or urgent report requests by using easy reporting tools.

Automated full billing cycles

Built-in billing intelligence and advanced reporting tools means easy set-up of automated full-cycle billing processes to reduce staff time on customer management.

  • Easy to Use - Get your staff up-to-speed in less time with software that is easy-to-learn, simply laid out and integrated with the full Finance and Administration product suite, so once you learn one product, you will know how to use them all.
  • Sophisticated Reporting - Quickly see the big picture view or the smaller details to answer customer questions quickly with tools that seamlessly calculate and preview customers’ future bills, and link to any web-based map.
  • Powerful Processing - Free up time and put your mind at ease with set-it-and-forget-it processes. Built-in service order processing and meter inventory helps schedule maintenance at the push of a button, for a complete process from 'meter to cash' for all major utility services.
  • Simple 3rd Party Integration - Easily integrate with any 3rd party meter software and produce PDF bills or exports for third party billing companies, and leverage robust Finance and Administration solution for billing, in-house collection processing and transfer of refund checks.

Online Bill Payment

Online billing and payments gives local government agencies and their residents online payment solutions. Gain efficiencies on your end and enable your residents on their end.

  • Reduce Staff Time - Reduce the time your staff spends on manual handling of bills, the additional time it takes for processing, and lost time due to entry errors.
  • Empower your Citizens - Citizens gain 24/7 account access, automatic reminders, alerts and the choice to make payments how they are most comfortable. Users receive instant statements, alerts and reminders with plenty of lead time before the due date.
  • Improve Compliance - Reduce customer management time including tech time and phone calls with customers to resolve issues. Lessen the hassle and confusion caused by a lagging paper trail, and reduce late payments, lost checks and bounced checks with the choice of electronic payment options your citizens expect.