Latest Software Release - Accela Technology


Introducing Version 10

The Most Powerful Civic Platform Ever

Designed with input from a cross-section of global customers and product experts, Accela Civic Platform Version 10 (V10) offers our most engaging and delightful user experience yet, including a fresh new look and a more responsive system overall. If you are an agency looking to improve how you build your communities, grow your businesses and protect your citizens, V10 has the power and speed to take your citizen services to the next level.

Features include:

  • Elegant interface
    The first thing users will notice with V10 is a more modern look and feel. It is more intuitive, cleaner, and provides more room to work. It has been implemented in Angular JS and requires fewer round trips to servers, resulting in faster page loads and improved productivity.
  • Improved forms designer
    V10 also includes a new forms designer, making designing new forms or editing existing forms quicker and more intuitive. The new designer was also implemented in Angular JS and JQuery V3. It includes drag-and-drop design, and a new snap-to grid layout to make form creation easier and quicker.
  • Configurable logic
    Another significant change is the addition of configurable business rules with the new release. This capability provides a much more efficient way to create and manage the rules and business logic previously implemented via scripting. Administrators can now work in JSON and quickly find and change variable data within rules if needed, to more easily implement the logic they need within their business solutions.
  • Enhanced global search capability
    V10 also includes a new index and search capability to provide faster document loading, indexing, and speed when searching for documents and data.

Other Updates with V10

Accela Mobile

The latest release of Accela Mobile takes a significant step forward in the consolidation of Accela’s mobile product line and includes new features to enhance usability and data access on mobile devices, such as:

  • Enhancements to the checklist functionality
  • Better support for custom fields and custom tables in checklists
  • The ability to enforce completion of required checklist items prior to resulting inspections
  • New views into related records and case history

Accela GIS

V10 enables a quicker, more efficient user experience with enhanced ways to:

  • Speed the loading of maps
  • Search and access map data
  • Access and manage map-related information
  • Fit maps across devices with various form factors