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Streamline public health protection with a modern approach to health department inspections and permitting

High-profile business trends and new regulations add to the burden of oversight for environmental health departments. The revolving workload of recurring inspections, complex plan reviews, responding to complaints, and more make it difficult to focus on public health.

The Accela Civic Application for Environmental Health drives the delivery of health department services by:

  • Delivering convenient access to department services, saving time and improving satisfaction
  • Automating routine manual processes for improved internal productivity
  • Coordinating mobile inspections for better efficiency

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Operators can submit applications, upload documents, make payments, and get status updates on their own time, outside of agency business hours

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Staff can assign tasks, track and schedule inspections, associate documents and information to different types of applications, track processing times, send alerts, and generally keep processes running smoothly without having to think about it

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Notifications are sent to operators automatically, without back-office staff needing to manually create notes and send emails

Mobile connected

Inspectors are empowered with data to maximize their time in the field and complete more inspections, faster

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GIS integration facilitates inspection assignments by inspector district, and enables staff to view facilities by geographic region, health program discipline, or permit or complaint status

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Find out how the Accela Civic Application for Environmental Health can help improve your internal processes, and enhance access for your constituents.

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