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Environmental Health

Ensure your community’s health and safety

 Protect citizens by modernizing regulatory processes for environmental health management.

Environmental health departments are the foundation of a community’s healthy development, and responsible for improving the public’s access to their services. Accela’s Civic Solution for Environmental Health is a SaaS, digital EHS management system that helps agency back office staff, field employees and citizens streamline the process from application, review and inspection, to citation and corrective actions or issuance of the health permit.


  • Improved customer satisfaction

    Shorten the time to process permits and keep projects on track with a citizen portal that allows applicants to submit applications online, pay fees, and submit necessary documentation, saving time and trips to agency offices.

  • Save time and increase efficiency

    Decrease cycle times and cut steps from application reviews permit issuance. Solution removes re-keying of information, manual correspondence, and paper handling within and across departments. Manage the routing of inspections and automate the scheduling based on previous risk factors, required outcomes and mandated inspection frequencies.

  • Generate more revenue

    Process more applications in a shorter amount of time, increasing fee revenues. Also, conduct more inspections without increasing staff, reducing the funding needed to protect the health of citizens in growing communities.

  • Create safer communities

    Accela’s solution for Environmental Health ensures inspectors have all the critical data they need and can capture data more easily and accurately, resulting in improved safety and security for citizens.

Interested in learning more? Find out how Accela Environmental Health can help you maintain a safe and healthy community and improve citizen services.

We’ve become incredibly transparent. The most important thing for us is that it took a division that was siloed in individual data management systems and brought us all under one system.”

Tom Gonzales
Director of Environmental Health, El Paso County, Colorado


  • Accelerate workflow from the cloud

    Accela offers cloud-based (SaaS) solutions

    Health services in the cloud

    A 100% SaaS solution means all infrastructure hardware and software is provided, and includes the latest security, compliance and system redundancy technology, which saves agencies significant time and money. All updates are also automatically provided you are always running on the most current version of the software with the latest features and functionality.

    Process automation and management

    A rich workflow and rules engine helps automate the steps in the permitting process. It can assign tasks, track and schedule inspections, associate documents and information to cases (applications), track process times, send alerts, and generally keep processes running smoothly and on time. It also automates correspondence so staff doesn’t have to worry about manually creating notes and sending emails.


  • Easier access for citizens and inspectors

    Accela software allows citizens to have access 24/7

    Online citizen access

    The citizen portal provided with the solution is a branded and configurable web interface that allows citizens to submit applications, upload documents, make payments, and get real-time status updates when and where it is convenient for them. This self-service approach also saves agency time by not having to process phone calls or office visits for updates on health permits.

    Support for field inspections

    The mobile capabilities of Accela Environmental Health allows inspectors to consolidate large paper files and checklists into the portable mobile platform of their choice, including IOS and Android-based tablets and phones. Their remote capabilities include all the relevant data needed for specific inspections, including heath codes and site history, permit conditions, and other intelligence such as flagging repeat violations to aid their work. Once the inspection is done, they can upload their data to the centralized system while still in the field

  • Valuable data and reports

    Accela software incorporates with GIS

    Integration with GIS

    Make permitting and inspection data easier to understand with interactive maps and visualizations. Use GIS data to schedule and set up inspection assignments based on geographic region or health program discipline, and evaluate perimeter and vicinity data far more easily.

    Standardized and ad hoc reporting

    Empower management to measure, track and analyze productivity to make more informed strategic decisions, identify health issues and trends before they grow, and deliver data in real time to stakeholders.



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