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Building Safety, Technology and You – How Coordination is Key to Keeping the Public Safe

Building safety is a crucial part of our communities. Whether it be at home, at work or the places we go for fun, we rely…
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Meeting Customers Where They Are: How TN ABC Streamlines the Verification Process

It’s often small things or incremental changes that can have a big impact on making someone’s day a little bit easier. In govtech, I like…
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ChatGPT: What Mayors and Managers Must Know

A Human’s Take on ChatGPT I can tell you that I wrote every word of this article at my keyboard with our family dog looking…
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Build Capacity by Adding to Facility Inventory

This article was originally published by the National Environmental Health Association’s (NEHA) Journal of Environmental Health on p. 24 in the June 2023 issue…
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Environmental Health: The Dog That Does Not Bark

The practice of Environmental Health is sometimes referred to as the dog that does not bark. I take the meaning to illustrate that circumstance where…
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Supporting Government Agency Teams in 2023: Filling IT Staffing Shortages

Profile picutre of Cathy Grossi

Cathy Grossi

| GovTech
In a recent survey, 82 percent of government employees said staffing shortages have increased their workloads. This added stress and scope of work are…
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April Customer and Partner News and Training Highlights

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| Accela Customer
Spring is blooming, and so are things at Accela! From our latest product release to unlocking short-term rental benefits for local governments, this month’s roundup…
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