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Service Request Management

The ultimate citizen-friendly tool for local governments

Making engagement with citizens easy, responsive and transparent is what a service request management tool is all about.

A branded, mobile and web-based application facilitates citizen relationship management and enables citizens to make requests for services and access information when it’s convenient for them, 24/7. With Accela’s service request management (SRM) software, your staff can leverage a central method for processing inquiries and requests. This ensures service requests are never dropped in handoff, and all parties, including citizens, get real time status on requests.


  • Improved citizen engagement

    Accela’s Civic Solution for Service Request Management creates a branded and “consumer-like” experience for citizens. It includes the ability to have branded mobile and web-based sites that make it easy for citizens to make requests for services, or access other information such as community events, landmarks, and information on other services such as trash pickup schedules or road construction.

  • More efficient processing of requests

    Centralized processing of requests means fewer technology silos and demands on IT resources. With more interactions coming in online, agencies can better manage call center staffing, costs and expenses. Integration with work order management systems means no more manual transferring of data from siloed software systems.

  • Automated interagency collaboration

    The integration capabilities with Accela SRM enables efficient transfer of requests to the proper agencies, such as Public Works or Public Safety, and automates status reporting and completion records. This ensures service requests are never dropped in handoff, and all parties, including citizens, can get real time status on the request.

  • Create stronger communities

    More efficient processing of non-emergency citizen requests make for cleaner, safer and more livable communities.

Find out how Accela Service Request Management can help you improve turn-around times and enhance citizen relationships.

Philadelphia is aiming to become one of the safest cities in America and we are committed to working more efficiently and effectively, with integrity and responsiveness.”

Mayor Nutter


  • A streamlined and custom experience from the Cloud

    Accela offers cloud-based (SaaS) solutions

    Service requests in the cloud

    100% cloud enabled Service Request Management means agencies don’t have to worry about standing up hardware, software, or worry about security and compliance.

    Full workflow automation

    When requests are received, the solution automates the routing of tasks and tickets with notifications across agencies and departments. Automation includes setting up custom category and request-type configurations to trigger specific workflows, and resident notifications and push announcements.

    Administrative dashboard

    The system includes a dashboard for agency staff to search and access requests, track cases, set up processes and manage their queue of requests.

    Fully-branded citizen experiences

    Agency administrators can brand the mobile apps and portal, so citizens have a positive experience when online. This includes built-in iFrame capability to embed the request submission functionality into an existing community website.

  • Smart features and integrations

    Integration with GIS

    Enables citizens and agency staff to view requests via fully integrated GIS-based visualization of issues, including image data detailing the service request, to ensure maximum clarity on the nature and location of the request.

    Flexibility in processing

    Gives agency staff the ability to change request variables after review, such as categorization, prioritization and SLAs to track against, ensuring unique or infrequent requests are handled correctly.

    Reporting and analysis

    Strong reporting and data visualization means department managers get transparency into their processing and can more easily make improvements to optimize performance and reduce costs, or find new services to offer citizens based on frequency of requests.


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