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Accela's Service Request Management Civic Application fosters greater community engagement

  • Delivers a branded, mobile, and web-based application that helps governments facilitate customer relationship management
  • Allows seamless integration with any existing Civic Application(s) you use, allowing for cross departmental integration
  • Provides increased efficiency and effectiveness for agencies to process and resolve any issues in their communities
  • Enables users to submit requests on any device from anywhere, add pictures and details to those requests, and track the status of each request
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Automate pre-configured workflows to identify request types, route tasks associated with submissions, send internal communications, and deliver push notifications to the public.

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Access an intuitive platform for agency staff to search requests, track cases, set up processes, and prioritize and manage their queue from request intake to resolution.

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Enhance the resident experience with a fully branded mobile application and online portal for requesting services. Residents can conveniently upload and mark-up photos of issues and submit and track requests.

Powerful analytics

Gain a detailed look at agency performance along with a 360-degree view of your residents to better understand the number and types of requests being made for complete service request optimization.

GIS software for service request management

Enable residents and agency staff to pinpoint requests via GIS-based mapping for quick insight into the nature and location of an issue.

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Integrate with work order management solutions to propel service requests into action and streamline processes for faster resolution.

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Find out how Accela Service Request Management can help you improve turn-around times and enhance resident relationships.

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