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Navigate regulatory nuances with a cannabis regulation software solution that responds and grows with you

Cannabis regulation and cannabis licensing management is a complex regulatory landscape, requiring a coordinated approach between states, local government, and businesses. New mandates — along with increasing media and public attention — are placing added pressure on governments to move quickly and cost-effectively while also ensuring full compliance to protect public safety.

Accela Cannabis Regulation eases agency burdens in licensing cannabis cultivation, processing, and retail businesses. With automated workflows, flexible license types, and strong compliance functionality, Accela Cannabis Regulation makes regulatory agencies more efficient and responsive.


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  • Accela software allows 24/7 data access

    Citizen access portal

    Empower residents and businesses by moving services online. Accept applications, renewals, documentation, complaints and requests for information or service through a convenient, multilingual website.

    Real-time updates

    Reduce customer service call volume by enabling your customers to log onto to their portal account (or sign up for text and email alerts) to receive status updates that are automatically pushed out as your office moves through the review process.

    Report upwards and outwards

    Publish relevant, up-to-the-minute data—such as number of active licenses or applications, or a map of establishments—automatically for media, public and department stakeholders to access, reducing workload for office staff.

  • Process optimization

    Intelligent workflow routing, automatic notification, and concurrent online plan and document review provides instant visibility for staff and leadership and keep applications and other records moving.

    Extend the value of the Civic Platform

    Accela Construct, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Software Development Kits (SDKs) allow you to integrate with third-party systems such as track-and-trace, document management, or downstream reporting systems.

    File uploading and access

    Securely store and access license applications, fingerprint applications, certifications, voluntary agreements and other critical files.

  • Supporting inspectors in the field is a major value point of Accela software

    Mobile apps for field staff

    Modern, integrated mobile apps allow field inspectors to collect critical data, photos, and documents and share them with the office and other agents.

    Access to establishment history

    Even without internet connectivity, inspectors have access to facility, inspection and compliance history.


Do more with our cannabis partner ecosystem. Accela has established partnerships with leading companies in the cannabis industry to offer a full end-to-end solution with track and trace, medical patient registry, and advanced analytics unparalleled in the cannabis industry. Learn more about these partner solutions on our cannabis partner ecosystem page.

The Accela system allowed us to be creative in our approach to implementing our processes and adjusting on the fly as our knowledge of the industry grew.”

Andrew Brisbo
Director of LARA’s Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation


  • Stay on top of emerging regulations

    Manage evolving policies and regulation decisions with a flexible and easily configurable solution that can adapt to changing regulations.

  • Make data-driven, efficient decisions

    Centralize all program data to consolidate reporting silos, eliminate duplicative information, and enhance analysis to inform decisions.

  • Strengthen compliance and enforcement

    Mobile-based inspection tools save time in the field, allowing inspectors to complete more inspections, ensuring greater oversight and enforcement of cannabis businesses.

  • Integrate with external systems

    Accela’s open API allows agencies to integrate seamlessly with third-party technology, such as track-and-trace (seed-to-sale) systems or medical patient registries.

Download the Accela solution overview for State Cannabis Regulation and Local Cannabis Regulation.


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