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The security landscape is shifting every day, which makes the relationship between government agencies and their technology provider particularly important. There is an increased frequency of data being compromised through methods such as ransomware, phishing, seizing of credentials when not using multi-factor authentication, and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. By working together to define and implement security protocols, Accela can help agencies be proactive against these costly threats.

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The Costs of Cybersecurity

The costs to defend against ransomware attacks is growing incrementally.

It was estimated that protecting systems against cyberattacks (, businesses and governments spent an average of:

$8.0B in 2018
$11.5B in 2019
$20.0B in 2020

City and state IT systems often fall in the crosshairs of hackers, and with tight budgets and limited staff, self-hosted customers struggle with the management of system vulnerabilities, including regular updates. To help minimize security exposure, governments are migrating legacy applications to the cloud.

Accela's Investments in Security

Given the increase in public attacks and industry breach events, Accela maintains significant investment levels in our security architecture and infrastructure.

Our SaaS environment includes:

  • Optimized clusters running in Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure
  • A combination of our internal security measures, and the advanced security capabilities of Azure
  • The highest degrees of protection possible across physical datacenters, infrastructure, and operations.
Investments in security

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