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Empower agency success with a robust and modern data analytics and reporting platform

Reporting, while critical and necessary for business decisions, can be difficult and time consuming. With shrinking budgets, faster-moving processes, remote workforces, and new reforms, agencies need better insight into what’s happening within their jurisdictions.

Accela provides a set of solutions for agencies to leverage analytics to:

  • Improve municipal policy and performance
  • Deliver better services for residents
  • Uncover opportunities to eliminate bottlenecks
  • Enhance transparency and trust
  • Drive more revenue
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Accela Insights

Accela Insights is a new data visualization tool which allows end users to seamlessly create modern and interactive dashboards within Accela.

Enhanced Reporting Database (ERD)

ERD gives agencies direct, secure access to their Accela data through a read-only replica of their entire SaaS tenant database

Interested in learning more? Find out how Accela Insights can help you.

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