Automate short-term rental registrations and better regulate vacation rentals to protect your community.

Short-term Rental Registration

Facilitate the sharing economy while preserving community character

Achieve high registration compliance through simple, online registration for short-term rental hosts

Advances in technology have enabled citizens to participate in the sharing economy by opening their homes to travelers. Many communities, however, are struggling with protecting neighborhoods while encouraging this entrepreneurial spirit.

Accela’s short-term rental registration software helps all parties come together with a streamlined licensing and enforcement system for governments and hosts. The online portal provides a quick and efficient route to web-based registration, while simplifying and encouraging host compliance. Neighbors can submit complaints online, helping to reinforce host compliance, preserve community character, and improve city oversight efforts.


  • Self-serve property host portal

    Property hosts appreciate the convenience of online licensing. The convenience is key to achieving high host compliance. Hosts can initiate an online application, submit documentation, renew an existing license, and pay licensing fees online without ever coming into the office – saving time for both hosts and agency staff.

    Fully automated workflows

    A pre-configured workflow engine captures all the steps and tasks for rapid processing of short term rental registrations, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.  

  • Real-time data and mapping

    With Accela Short-term Rental Registration, you can deliver automated, real time data and maps on short-term rental activity in your jurisdiction to the public, media and stakeholders.

    Fully GIS-enabled

    GIS integration drives a more efficient zoning review, improved inspection route mapping and data analysis and visualization. Quickly identify high-density areas of short-term rental offerings.

  • Features: Streamline workflows

    Mobile-enabled inspections and enforcement

    Mobile functionality allows field workers to automate the routing, data access and data capture functions, making on-site inspections more efficient.


We’re leveraging 21st-century technology to meet operators where they are.”

Nathan Batchelder,
Former Legislative Analyst, Department of Excises and Licenses,
City and County of Denver, CO


  • Easier registration for hosts

    Make it easier for hosts to submit the proper paperwork and pay fees to get their rentals registered. Accela’s online citizen portal improves host registration compliance and increases fee collections. Tax collection functionality also makes it easier for hosts to remit the appropriate taxes for their rentals.

  • Cut license processing times

    Accela automates many of the routine and manual processes involved in licensing review, saving staff members’ time and reducing wait times for property hosts. Fast turnaround times ease agency burdens and provide a positive experience for hosts — making them more likely to remain compliant.

  • Improve effectiveness in the field

    Inspectors need to be as efficient as possible when visiting rental properties. Accela’s Civic Application includes mobile capabilities and delivers full access to the database and record information, so inspectors have all the tools necessary to maximize efficiency.

  • Enhanced compliance and enforcement

    Neighboring property owners have a voice and can submit infraction reports easily online. Enforcement actions can be initiated in Accela to bring property hosts into compliance, ensuring a more positive experience for all stakeholders.


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