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Facilitate the sharing economy while preserving community character

Advances in technology have enabled citizens to participate in the sharing economy by opening their homes to travelers. Many communities, however, are struggling with protecting neighborhoods while encouraging this entrepreneurial spirit.

Accela’s Short-Term Rental Registration software helps all parties collaborate, and offers:

  • A streamlined licensing and enforcement system for governments and hosts
  • An online portal to provide a quick and efficient route to web-based registration, while simplifying and encouraging host compliance 
  • The ability for neighbors to submit complaints online, helping to reinforce host compliance, preserve community character, and improve city oversight efforts
Woman with suitcase on her way to short term rental


man welcoming man with suitcase into his house

Hosts can initiate an application, submit documentation, renew an existing license, and pay licensing fees entirely online

woman with ipad

Pre-configured workflow engine captures all steps and tasks required for rapid processing of short-term rental registrations

man and dog greeting guests on deck of his house

Automated, real-time data and maps on short-term rental activity in your jurisdiction for the public, media, and stakeholders

GIS integration

More efficient zoning review, improved inspection route mapping, data analysis and visualization, and the ability to quickly identify high-density areas of rental offerings

Mobile connected

Mobile functionality allows field workers to automate the routing, data access and data capture functions as well as a citizen portal for submitting complaints

“Compliance of rental host licensing went from 20% compliance to 62% compliance six months after rolling out Accela Short Term Rentals. The city is now at an 80% compliance rate.”

— Dominic Vaiana, Deputy Director, Operations, City and County of Denver

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