Accela government software helps cities and states navigate the complexities of liquor control and licensing processing.

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Navigate complicated liquor licensing processes with ease while delivering outstanding customer service

Alcoholic beverage license applications require substantial documentation and careful review. The documentation, review, and inspection cycle can strain agency resources and often results in long turnaround times and poor customer service.

Accela’s Alcoholic Beverage Control software manages the numerous steps in the licensing process, helping agencies reduce turnaround time and provide better customer service, while protecting public safety with important checks and safeguards. With automated workflows, intelligent routing, and concurrent review, Accela Alcoholic Beverage Control eliminates manual steps, makes agencies more efficient, and improves the liquor licensing process for staff and licensees alike.



  • Intelligent workflow and business rules

    Configurable workflows match agency processes to route liquor license applications to the appropriate review queue (based on license type), schedule required inspections, and move the application through to final license issuance without cumbersome and error-prone manual processes.

    Self-serve citizen portal

    Applicants appreciate the convenience of online licensing. Licensees can initiate an online application, submit documentation, renew an existing license, and pay licensing fees online without ever coming into the office – saving agency staff time.

  • Flexible license types

    Liquor license types and the requirements to obtain each type vary widely. That’s why license types in Accela can be custom-configured for unique situations, documentation, renewal, or review requirements.

    Connect with GIS

    Esri ArcGIS integration aids enforcement activities, providing automated maps to give staff direct access to geospatial information of all land-use, zoning and enforcement data associated with a property or license. It also allows selection of radius buffers for license area limits to email or print notifications.

  • Powerful analytics and reporting

    Drive transformative change with real data from licensing operations. Use pre-built reports, ad hoc reports, or third-party analytics systems to gain new insight and improve agency results.

    Mobile connected

    Allow inspectors to create and manage cases from the field using their preferred iOS or Android mobile devices,  enabling users to capture and mark up pictures and video, fill out checklists, leave comments, and submit reports for a particular case into a central database.


Accela was able to not only meet and exceed Tennessee ABC’s unique regulatory requirements, but also to demonstrate an exceptional ability to help the Commission automate and help our citizens.”

Doug Duncan
IT Director, Tennessee ABC


  • Cut Application Processing Times

    Automate many of the routine and manual processes involved in licensing review, saving staff members’ time and reducing turnaround times for new and renewal applications.

  • Improve communication

    Communicate more freely with applicants, licensees, and other departments involved in liquor license application review. Agency staff can collaborate together on cases, improving cross-departmental communication and achieving faster issue resolution.

  • Strengthen compliance and enforcement

    Mobile-based inspection tools save time in the field, allowing inspectors to complete more inspections, ensuring greater oversight and enforcement of liquor businesses.

  • Eliminate duplicate work

    Avoid duplicate data entry with mobile applications and an online portal for application intake and document submission. Prevent the errors and delays associated with paper-based application processes.

  • Increased customer satisfaction

    Licensees appreciate the convenience of online applications, documentation, and payment while mobile-friendly online tools and status notifications keep applicants informed of their application status throughout the process.

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