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Alcoholic Beverage Control

A fully hosted solution to simplify a complex process

Easily navigate the complexities of alcoholic beverage control and liquor licensing processes.

Alcoholic beverage license applications require heavy documentation and review, and can put a strain on businesses waiting for liquor license approval. Accela’s Alcoholic Beverage Control software modernizes and digitizes agency processes and shortens time-to-issuance for local, state and federal governments. 



  • Reduce costs while getting more done

    Manage all the steps from application submission to liquor license issuance, and structure the tasks in reviews, necessary data, zoning data, and processes for conducting inspections and managing complaints.

  • Improve customer satisfaction

    With an online portal, citizens no longer need to travel to their local offices and wait in lines to submit paperwork, pay fees or get updates on liquor licensing applications and timing.

  • Protect public health and safety

    Comprehensive data management and business rules ensure agencies capture and preserve important details to aid enforcement efforts and protect the public.

  • Increase revenues with SaaS

    Speed revenue cycles and maximize opportunities for revenue growth around alcoholic beverage control and liquor licensing.

Find out how Accela Alcoholic Beverage Control can help you provide regulatory oversight.

Accela was able to not only meet and exceed Tennessee ABC’s unique regulatory requirements, but also to demonstrate an exceptional ability to help the Commission automate and help our citizens.”

Doug Duncan
IT Director, Tennessee ABC


  • Flexible for teams and citizens

    ABC Licensing-as-a-service

    A fully hosted SaaS solution, complete with all the infrastructure hardware and software, the full application, and all security, compliance and uptime technologies. This means you don’t have to worry about more capacity and staffing for your data centers, you just start using the solution.

    Citizen access portal

    A configurable online portal ensures citizens can perform all the functions needed to apply for a license, upload documents and engage with your staff, without having to drive to an agency office. Citizens can also process complaints about alcohol related issues which are automatically routed to ABC for review and tracking, and Law Enforcement for action.

  • Seamlessly integrate with workflow and GIS

    Workflow and business rules

    Track and manage the processes for ABC, and various tasks against Service Level Agreements, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. It prevents errors with data entry, missing data and documents, and minimizes the use of workarounds, such as spreadsheets and local databases which make it hard to manage the workflows and create consistent outcomes.

    Flexible for license types

    The solution is configurable to adjust to licensing and enforcement rules, and functions can be adapted and automated across all entities.

    Connect with GIS

    Esri ArcGIS integration aids enforcement activities, providing automated maps to give staff direct access to geospatial information of all land-use, zoning and enforcement data associated with a property or license. It also allows selection of radius buffers for license area limits to email or print notifications.

  • Transparency and connectivity

    Canned and ad hoc reporting

    Powerful reporting functionality allows you to make informed decisions based on real-time data, and automate report delivery to stakeholders.

    Connected in the field

    Allow inspectors to create and manage cases from the field using their preferred iOS or Android mobile devices,  enabling users to capture and mark up pictures and video, fill out checklists, leave comments, and submit reports for a particular case into a central database.


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