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Helping communities build and grow safely with zoning, planning, plan review and approval, complaint management, and code enforcement automation.

Improve community quality, promote economic growth, and protect resident welfare with Accela Planning software

  • Automate time-consuming processes such as zoning, site plan reviews, and issuing land use entitlements
  • Online portal allows residents to submit proposals, check for status updates, and pay outstanding fees
  • Planners can easily manage high volumes of information and route documents for review and approval; ensuring a quick turnaround for developers and project owners

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Find out how Accela Planning can help you simplify the planning process.


Online Citizen Portal

Enable residents to conduct zoning research, submit proposals, verify status updates and pay fees from the convenience of a home, office or job site to reduce in-person visits and phone inquiries.

Built-in Reporting

Deliver administrators, managers and planning commissions or boards critical insight to better understand agency performance, uncover bottlenecks, and establish efficiencies.

mand with helmet holding smart phone

Easily notify project owners, city council members, the general public, and press for public hearings, reviews, and feedback.

Platform-wide Integrations

APIs, SDKs, and open data allow developers to integrate with existing software solutions to meet the unique needs of any agency.

GIS software for planning

Easily produce interactive maps and visualizations, making planning and code enforcement data easy to track, manage, and understand.

architect and construction manager reviewing building plans

Mark-up, comment, review, and approve plans simultaneously leveraging systems like ePermitHub, Adobe, e-PlanSoft, ProjectDox, OnBase, DigEplan, and Bluebeam, and more to perform parallel plan reviews with version control.

Mobile connected

Role-based apps allow inspectors and code enforcement officers to access documents and information, real-time in the field, increasing efficiencies.

Process Automation

Automatically assign and track tasks such as plan reviews with their associated documentation to keep the most complex processes running smoothly.

woman construciton manager with ipad

Ensure public compliance with city code and regulation by managing complaints and violations to achieve resolution quickly and efficiently.

Interested in learning more? Find out how Accela Planning software can provide efficiencies to your agency.

View our on-demand webinars featuring industry experts and Accela partners, products and customers.

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