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Accela Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) helps agencies respond to the rapid modernization of technology. New technologies provide high degrees of security, flexibility, and usability, but agencies struggle with maintaining older systems and dealing with cost, effort, and staffing needed for technology upgrades.

Our SaaS solutions solve those problems. We manage all the infrastructure, including hardware, software, security, and applications, and ensure you are always on the most current releases. This saves time, money, and ensures you are receiving all the benefits of technology advancement without having to implement it all yourself.


  • Rest assured with the leading cybersecurity protection

    Safeguard your data and systems with the highest levels of security and compliance.  Our cloud data centers are designed to meet a full set of regulations and guidelines for security.

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  • Predictable spend

    SaaS subscriptions turn unpredictable and large capital expenditures for initial purchases, and regular updates and upgrades, into a predictable operating expense. With SaaS, all upgrades are automatically provided, and the subscription includes maintenance and support.

  • list

    All inclusive

    Our SaaS Civic Solutions include all needed functionality for your implementation at the same subscription price. This includes previously separate technologies, including GIS capabilities, mobile solutions, citizen-facing portals, API management, and more.

  • Grow your services without adding staff

    One of the largest challenges facing agencies today is how to best recruit, manage, and retain IT staff in a competitive market. With Accela SaaS, agencies can better control staffing for legacy IT infrastructure, and focus resources on growing solutions and services to meet the needs of your citizens and employees without increasing staffing levels.

Interested in learning more? Find out how Accela SaaS is helping government agencies move from outdated paper processes to accessing and administering secure services with the click of a button, from any location.

“With Accela, I no longer have to be concerned with applying updates and patches to the applications and infrastructure.”

Tim Gajda
State Division Administrator, State Of Michigan


Accela SaaS includes everything needed to deploy application services directly to your employees and citizens:

  • Scalable servers and storage devices
  • All needed infrastructure software, including OS, database, load balancing, performance monitoring, app servers, and web servers
  • Modern security and compliance software
  • All aspects of our pre-built Civic Applications and Civic Platform technologies
  • Technical support and implemented software/hardware upgrades


  • Leading data security practices

    Compliance with high standards

    Accela SaaS uses industry-leading cloud infrastructures that meet stringent data security standards, including NIST 800–53 and FISMA compliance, PCI-DSS, SOC 2, and SSAE 16 certifications. Web and API traffic are protected by SSL sessions encrypted through TLS.

    Constant testing and evaluation

    Accela has secure coding practices, and uses enhanced monitoring tools to perform code analysis. We conduct ongoing vulnerability and penetration testing, resulting in high degrees of system and data security.

    A dedication to data integrity and recovery

    In Accela’s cloud infrastructure, your data is stored securely via synchronized disaster recovery sites in multiple remote locations. This protects our customers in the event of natural disasters or sitewide outages.

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  • Performance

    Accela software is easy to access in the field

    Dynamic infrastructure scaling

    As your constituency and service offerings grow, Accela’s dynamic scaling infrastructure adjusts automatically to ensure the high levels of responsiveness and throughput. Never worry about having to add servers or storage to your own data center again. And our investment in the most current real-time performance monitoring technologies ensures we can provide consistently high performance for users.

    High availability

    Accela’s cloud solutions are designed to offer 99.9% uptime through built-in server redundancy and fail-over technologies within our datacenters.


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