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Unify All Your Licensing, Permitting, and
Code Enforcement on One Platform

Unleashing City Potential

Accela Empowers Municipalities Across the Globe

City of Cleveland, OH
City of Detroit, MI
City of Fort Worth, TX
City of Grand Rapids, MI
City of Seattle, WA
City of Virginia Beach, VA

Accela has out-of-the-box solutions to help cities build communities, grow businesses, and protect residents.

Service Request Management

Residents can make requests, access information and engage with community services via a branded mobile app.

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Fast-track community development by automating zoning, site plan reviews, land use entitlements, complaint management, and code enforcement tasks.

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Automate all aspects of the building permitting process while providing total visibility for agency staff.

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Business Licensing

Reduce turnaround and provide better customer service to business owners with automated staff workflows and concurrent application review.

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Alcoholic Beverage Control

Minimize steps required in complicated permitting processes, reduce turnaround time, provide better customer service and ensure important safeguards.

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Cannabis Regulation

Automate workflows, flexible license types, and strong compliance functionality.

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Occupational Licensing

Simplify the licensing process with an online portal, automated workflows and easy document upload capabilities.

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Short-Term Rental

Manage and regulate short-term rental properties, simplifying compliance and enhancing oversight.

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Fire Prevention

Modernize inspections, plan review and permit processing to allow fire staff to concentrate on the safety of citizens.

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Environmental Health

Protect the public health by delivering superior department services and convenient access through a public portal.

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Easily submit requests for items such as planning and building permits, and access updates and information from any device.

Back Office

Automate and simplify tasks around permitting, licensing, and code enforcement to reduce agency costs,increase security and improve customer satisfaction.


Streamline documentation uploading, removing manual processes, and leverage automated workflows for greater efficiency in the field.

Civic Platform

A modern cloud platform to help agencies eliminate data silos, cut costs and innovate service delivery.

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The Accela Civic Platform: One Unified System for All City Services

The Accela Civic Platform brings together a host of pre-built solutions for city services, including building, planning, service request management, alcoholic beverage control, cannabis regulation, business licensing, environmental health, and fire safety. Moving beyond siloed applications, Accela provides a single platform that not only streamlines your operations but also offers a connected ecosystem for comprehensive service delivery.

Simplify Your Tech Stack with Accela

Cities across the U.S are simplifying their tech stack by consolidating all licensing, permitting and code enforcement services on the Accela platform. Here’s how they’re doing it:

“The Accela system really streamlines the process …It ties everything together in such a way that just, you know, even with digitizing itself, it saves us a lot of time and money.”

— City of Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Interested in learning more?

Find out how Accela’s cloud-based platform can provide a single source of truth for all of your data and workflows to streamline processes, reduce errors, and improve transparency for a better resident experience.

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