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Empowering state and local governments to attract and grow businesses, protect citizens and build smart cities and communities

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For nearly 20 years, Accela has been an industry leader in designing and delivering government software to improve efficiency, increase citizen engagement and enable the development of thriving communities. Today, citizens are savvy to how services should be delivered, and expect a consistently convenient, openly transparent view into their local government. While government agencies struggle to do more with less, our mission has never been more critical.

Government software for today and the future

Accela provides a robust, cloud-based platform of government software solutions that accelerate growth, efficiency and transparency in communities of all sizes. From planning, to building, to service request management and more, Accela’s SaaS offerings level the playing field for small and medium governments, and enable smaller agencies to leverage larger city technologies. Our open and flexible technology helps agencies address specific needs today, while ensuring they are well prepared for the emerging challenges of the future.

Technology for smart cities

It takes a complex ecosystem of government leaders, citizens, local businesses and technology partners to create smart cities. Our platform of government software provides solutions for out-of-the-box implementation and are agile to accommodate future innovation and growth.

“Accela provides the platform and government software to support
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Expertise In Governing The Future

Proven industry leadership in delivering the products and services our customers need.


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Provides digital government service delivery to more than 275 million citizens worldwide