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Convenient online business licensing management that delivers stellar service to business owners

Too often, the process to obtain or renew a license is fraught with cumbersome steps, outdated paper applications, and inefficient manual processes. Business owners become frustrated while agency staff struggle to manage it all.

The Accela Civic Application for Business Licensing is a pre-built solution designed to:

  • Help agencies reduce turnaround time and provide better customer service
  • Provide automated workflows, intelligent routing, and concurrent application review by multiple departments
  • Eliminate manual steps, making agencies more efficient
  • Deliver a superior customer service experience to business owners in your community
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Find out how Accela Business Licensing can help you simplify the licensing process.


Application Routing Workflow

Configurable workflows automatically route license applications to the appropriate review queue based on agency processes. Simple renewals may receive automatic approval while new licenses in a new location may require involvement by several departments. Each application is routed as necessary for the level of review required.

Self-serve licensing portal

Business owners appreciate the convenience of online licensing. Licensees can initiate an online application, submit documentation, renew an existing license, and pay licensing fees online without ever coming into the office – saving agency staff time.

Cross-department collaboration

Business licensing often requires review from multiple departments, depending on license type. Accela makes it easy for Building, Health, Fire, Zoning, Liquor licensing, and other departments to jointly work an application review, conduct inspections, communicate results, and move the application to final issuance.

Powerful analytics

Drive transformative change with real data from licensing operations. Use pre-built reports, ad hoc reports, or third-party analytics systems to gain new insight and improve agency results.

“Lenexa, Kansas doubled the city's licensing volume with no increase in staff through efficiency gains by using Accela for business licensing.”

— Trudi Wenger, Information Specialist, City of Lenexa, KS

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Interested in learning more? Find out how Accela Business Licensing can provide efficiencies to your agency.

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