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Occupational Licensing

Move the process of issuing licenses online and energize business growth in your community

Evaluate and process applicants online, not in line.

The process of occupational licensing is about protecting the health, safety, and welfare of your citizens, but doing it in a way that promotes business growth at the same time. Accela’s SaaS occupational licensing solution helps professional and occupational regulatory agencies automate the processes of issuing occupational licenses both within the agency and for applicants. 


  • Improved experience for applicants

    Reduce application cycle times by offering the ability to submit applications and paperwork online, pay fees digitally, and check status in real time. Getting licenses to workers more efficiently helps grow commerce in communities.

  • Lower costs for agencies

    Remove manual steps, including re-keying data and paper handling, to save money and minimize need to grow in areas such as call center resources.

  • Better protect citizens

    Capture and manage all the data in the applicant review process and ensure it integrates with other systems, both internal and cross-agency, to make sure all relevant data is captured and used within the licensing process.

  • Covers a broad array of occupations

    From Acupuncturists to Home Inspectors, Cosmetologists to Realtors, you have a variety of occupational licenses to process. Accela has the flexibility and built-in occupation types to shorten the time-to-value in getting your system up and running.

Interested in learning more? Find out how Accela Occupational Licensing can enable your agency to modernize your process and protect the public.

With Accela, we’re able to handle roughly twice the license volume without increasing staff, and we can identify and focus on our best revenue streams.”

Trudi Wenger
Information Specialist, Lenexa, Kansas


  • Greater ease of use and productivity

    Accela offers cloud-based (SaaS) solutions

    License processing in the cloud

    The Civic Solution for Occupational Licensing is a fully hosted solution so agencies do not need to “stand up” the application or support and manage hardware and software in their own datacenter.

    Automated workflows ensure smooth operations

    The solution includes a full-featured and configurable workflow engine. It manages the steps in the process, oversees and routes specific tasks and assigns roles, tracks cycle times, sends alerts, and makes decisions via business rules, and acts like a virtual department manager.

  • The data and integrations you need

    Accela products enhance team workflow

    Ad-hoc and pre-built reporting

    The system comes with pre-built reports specific to occupational licensing, and the ability to create ad hoc reports, helping managers to better understand process flows, areas of inefficiency, and ways to improve overall speed and employee productivity.

    Electronic Document Review

    EDR ensures all relevant documents are available at the various stages of the application review process, and are searchable, secure and current.

    Platform-wide integration capabilities

    Accela’s Construct APIs, pre-built integrations and open data allow agencies to more rapidly integrate with other systems when evaluating an occupational license applicant, such as data from Law Enforcement or Zoning.

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