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Occupational licensing provides important public safeguards while establishing clear guidelines for licensed professions. Yet too often, the process to obtain or renew an occupational license is overly complex and cumbersome. Licensees struggle to understand and follow the process for documenting education, work experience, and continuing education requirements.

The Accela Civic Application for Occupational Licensing software simplifies the licensing process. An easy-to-use online portal makes it easy for licensees to upload documentation such as continuing education verification, reference letters, or work history. And for agency staff, automated workflows and intelligent routing eliminate manual steps and speed applications through the review process, delivering a superior customer service experience to licensed professionals 


License Application Routing

Configurable workflows automatically route license applications to the appropriate review queue based on agency-defined criteria. Simple renewals may receive automatic approval while new applications or those selected for audit receive higher levels of review.

Self-serve licensee portal

Occupational license holders have convenient online access to submit an initial application, attach required documentation, renew an existing license, and pay licensing fees online. Agency staff can communicate with licensees or request additional documentation be submitted.

Education Verification

Accela’s Civic Application for Occupational Licensing can interface with continuing education providers to automatically retrieve credentials and validate licensees have satisfied continuing education requirements. 

Unique workflows

Create unique workflows based on board requirements for each occupational license type. The license issue, renewal, verification, and payments can all be customized based on requirements specific to each licensed profession or licensed level within a profession.


“With Accela, we’re able to handle roughly twice the license volume without increasing staff, and we can identify and focus on our best revenue streams.”

Trudi Wenger
Information Specialist, Lenexa, Kansas



Provide all licensee services online, including initial application, document submission, fee payments, and renewals. Licensees even receive real-time status updates on their application for a stellar service experience.

Avoid misplaced or lost documentation with electronic document handling. All licensee documentation is attached to the application, so files are always readily available for review and verification.

Accela automates many of the routine and manual processes involved in licensing review, saving staff members’ time and reducing wait times for licensees.

Protect public health and safety with stronger enforcement tools against licensees who violate public trust. Compliance workflows construct an escalating level of enforcement actions, including license suspension or revocation.

Interested in learning more? Find out how Accela’s Civic Application for Occupation Licensing can increase citizen engagement and overall efficiency within your agency. 

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