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A complete system for managing permitting and inspections for fire departments

Accela’s Fire Prevention solution helps modernize inspections, plan review and permit processing so fire staff can focus on protecting the community, not pushing paperwork.

The Civic Application for Fire Prevention comes in three levels: Essentials, Extended and Enterprise, and can be run in the cloud or on your premises. The solution aligns your fire department’s regulatory activities so you can track progress towards goals, streamline inspections and improve visibility for property owners.

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Introduction to the Civic Application for Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention Levels

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The Accela Civic Application for Fire Prevention is a pre-packaged solution built for fire departments, and offered at three levels: Essentials, Extended, or Enterprise.

The levels allow you to choose the best option for your budget and needs, while gaining best practices from Accela’s fire prevention expertise.

Each level features industry-leading tools, including a modern mobile inspection app, permit processing in the cloud, and a public portal to improve access for property owners.

Fire Prevention Essentials is perfect for smaller agencies, or those that want to get online and mobile quickly. The pre-built functionality included in Essentials allows your department to leverage best practices to be installed quickly, and on budget.

Fire Prevention Extended is best for fire departments faced with complex workflows and operations across divisions. The Extended level builds on Essentials to offer a higher level of customization, workflow tracking and automation to digitize tedious processes that lead to backlogs and errors in data.

The Fire Prevention Enterprise offering is best suited for larger and more complex fire departments with specialized needs. It is fully-featured and offers greater flexibility, extensibility, and customization over time.


Property owners can submit fire permit applications, schedule occupancy inspections, pay fees and track the progress of their project in the online portal, helping reduce the burden on administrative staff in manually processing requests.

Fire department leaders can utilize pre-built and customizable reports to track department goals on inspection coverage, staffing levels and generally how the department is performing across district, station and program.

Utilize ESRI’s ArcGIS Online to produce interactive maps, with options for buffering around hot spots and areas of concern and inspection routing – making location-based data easier to understand.

An easy-to-use, modern mobile app included with each level offers pre-built checklists, offline mode, the ability to view past inspection data while in the field and options for tracking inventory and other specialized inspection types. Available for iOS and Android.

Process automation available in the Extended and Enterprise levels help automate tedious tasks and complex workflows that result in long processing timelines for fire permit reviews and lagging inspection rates.

“With Accela, Moreno Valley has seen a 95% reduction in required labor, and an increase in productivity. ”

— Jackie Lankhorst, Permit Technician, City of Moreno Valley

“Accela has improved our cost recovery and tracking. Online payment options have resulted in more payments made by the deadlines.”

— Kimberly Krueger, Senior Application Analyst, City of Moreno Valley

“With the implementation of Accela, we save administrative time and provide accurate billing reports for the management team.”

— Jackie Lankhorst, Permit Technician, City of Moreno Valley

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Interested in learning more? Find out how the Accela Civic Application for Fire Prevention can reinforce your community’s safety and preparedness.

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