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Fire Prevention

Create safe and protected communities

Ensure your community is protected for unexpected incidents.

Accela’s Fire Prevention Solution is a complete system for managing permitting and inspections for fire departments. It helps modernize inspections, plan review and permit processing so fire staff can focus on protecting the community, not pushing paperwork.

The Civic Application for Fire Prevention can be run in the cloud or on your premises, and aligns your fire department’s regulatory activities so you can keep tabs on progress towards goals, streamline inspections and improve your community’s preparedness in the event of a fire or other dangerous situation.



  • Accela offers cloud-based (SaaS) solutions

    Modernize inspections with real-time access to data

    Inspectors can switch between fire inspections and responding to calls with Accela’s mobile application, when data is saved to the cloud in real-time. Inspectors can view the latest parcel maps on a GIS layer provided by an existing mapping service, access permit history, and capture signatures all on the mobile app, which can be run on any iOS or Android device.

    Reduce overhead, with Accela SaaS

    Access data from the cloud, and reduce dependence on maintaining aging hardware. With Accela SaaS, you’ll always be on the latest version of the software, with updates pushed directly to your system when they are available, and staff can access the system from anywhere.

  • Accela software supports ease of access from different devices and 24/7

    Eliminate manual steps

    Automate the tedious tasks that go into processing applications, completing inspections and reviewing plans. New applications accepted online are automatically routed to the right staff member, fees paid online are associated with the right file, and email notifications are sent to property and business owners.

    Accept applications and fees online

    Ensure business and property owners can submit applications, make payments, check statuses, schedule inspections, and upload documents from anywhere using an online public portal.

    View your data with powerful reporting

    Always have a clear picture of how your department is tracking towards goals with drag and drop reporting tools, helping you answer simple and complex questions on how your regulatory programs are performing.

  • Visualize data with GIS integration

    Built-in GIS integration allow agencies to view data on an interactive map, making inspection routes, inspection histories, and permitting data easier to understand.

    Electronic document review

    Remove the need for paper in the plan review process, when property and business owners can submit plans online, and staff can review them digitally, adding comments and markup as needed.

    Integrate with other systems

    With Accela’s API, you can leverage investments made in existing public safety software; viewing inspection and permit data stored in the Accela system quickly and easily with the tools you already use.

    Download the solution overview for Accela Fire Prevention.

Before Accela, it took three weeks to print, collate and sort our inspection forms and deliver them to each fire station. Now, because inspectors spend their day 100% in the field using the mobile app, they capture everything they need for their inspections, without spending hours on data entry and paper delivery.”

Captain Anthony Sanders
City of Oakland Fire Department


  • Streamline and simplify fire inspections

    Fire inspectors have a more holistic view with access to inspection history from the field without calling into the office. Property owners have a better experience when they can access inspection results online from anywhere, and a modern mobile device allows inspectors to turn on offline mode, and updates are saved in real-time when connectivity returns.

  • Reallocate resources to fire prevention

    Protect the community without taking resources away from responding to incidents. With streamlined permit processing and automated workflows, firefighters can spend more time working in the field, and fire departments can reallocate resources to focus on fire prevention outreach and education.

  • Boost public satisfaction

    Make it easier for business and property owners to be regulated by the fire department, with flexible options for submitting applications and paying fees online without driving to agency offices and 24/7 access to project updates. Property owners have access to inspection history online, and can also submit complaints, also making it easier for the general public to interact with the fire department.

  • Get up and running faster

    Accela Fire Prevention is built with years of experience working with fire departments across the country on modernizing their fire prevention activities. This means the can be set up faster, and with best practices included, helping agencies minimize downtime during a new implementation.

Learn how Accela Fire Prevention can reinforce your community’s safety and preparedness.

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