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Accela reduces the impacts of natural disasters by helping ensure adherence to building and fire codes, and then helps agencies respond quickly to events to ensure public safety and efficient rebuilding.

Accela serves many agencies in three ways, to reduce the impacts of natural disasters

  1. We help agencies regulate proper zoning, structural engineering, and code enforcement to reduce the impacts of damage caused by natural disasters
  2. We have a packaged solution for Rapid Damage Assessment, so agencies can react immediately with data collection of damaged areas
  3. Post-disaster, Accela facilitates rapid plan reviews, approvals, and permitting for efficient and rapid rebuilding



Accela has created a pre-built solution for Rapid Damage Assessment

  • Enables “windshield” inspections and deeper assessments immediately after a disaster
  • The data collected helps provide clarity about recovery processes and resources required
  • Many agencies leverage Accela to capture and report on damage to federal agencies such as FEMA for potential resources and funding
  • The RDA solution is offered at no cost with the Building Civic Application
  • It is flexible for both simple and comprehensive damage assessment needs
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View our on-demand webinars featuring industry experts and Accela partners, products and customers.

Interested in learning more? Find out how Accela Rapid Damage Assessement can help your recovery efforts.

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