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Meeting Regulatory Challenges Head-on

State and local governments face numerous challenges in regulating the legal cannabis market. Whether legalized for medical or adult recreational use, cannabis presents a number of complexities associated with licensing, monitoring, and tracking individuals and businesses licensed to produce or consume cannabis product.

Issues of public safety, ensuring legal access, countering the illicit market, changing legislation, and public and media scrutiny make for a difficult, highly dynamic regulatory environment. To assist agencies in effectively addressing these issues, Accela provides a full-featured cannabis regulatory ecosystem which allows civic governments to manage all aspects of the cannabis regulation environment.

Accela’s civic application for cannabis licensing and regulation, combined with partner applications for track-and-trace, medical patient registry, and advanced analytics, delivers a complete end-to-end cannabis solution for state and local governments. Learn more about each offering below.

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Licensing and Regulation

The Accela Civic Application for Cannabis Regulation handles all aspects of licensing, case management, compliance and enforcement.

Cannabis licensing is simplified with an online portal for applicants and a powerful automated workflow system for agency review. All applications, documentation, payments, and communication can be handled online in a secure cloud environment. Learn more about the Accela Civic Application for Cannabis Regulation on our solution page.

Medical Cannabis Patient Registry

AIRLIFT, from cloudPWR, is a HIPAA-compliant statewide cannabis patient and provider registry. The hosted web application supports the creation of patient authorizations and secure identification cards, and integrates with third party data sources and API’s.

Through AIRLIFT, healthcare professionals have secure data access and are verified by the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency as licensed to authorize the use of controlled substances. The system may also be used by other state agencies as part of licensure, enforcement and regulation activities.

Key features include:

  • Generate new patient authorization complete with patient and provider information, patient qualifying condition and recommended cannabis product and quantity
  • Associate a care provider to a patient
  • Search by existing patient authorization, minor patient or designated provider
  • Capture and include patient photo
  • Generate cannabis medical ID card
  • Cannabis retail store patient management, including patient verification, allowed purchase amount and provider verification

Contact us to learn more about cannabis solutions available through the Accela partnership with cloudPWR.

Advanced Analytics

Accela’s analytics partner, NCS, brings a new level of data discovery to cannabis regulation through the power of a comprehensive platform that collects and analyzes information from a variety of relevant data sources in order to capture the full perspective of cannabis activity in your state.

By working with regulatory agencies, financial institutions, and other entities, NCS can combine data sources to identify anomalies that point to potential non-compliance, such as underreported sales or crop yields, tax avoidance, retail fronts, compromised lab results, or illicit market operations. This unique offering provides regulatory agencies with the tools they need to prevent fraud and reduce criminal activity.

Key features include:

  • One of the largest data sets in the industry, with new data added continuously
  • Machine learning capability constantly improves algorithms and increases accuracy over time
  • Actively monitors incoming data and generates alerts in near real-time
  • Ability to predict future activity through analysis of past data and behavior patterns
  • Generates clear, concise reports with critical findings identified from millions of data points analyzed

Contact us to learn more about advanced analytics available through the Accela partnership with NCS.

Learn how the Accela Cannabis Solution and Partner Ecosystem can help you improve your internal processes and protect your community.

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