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No matter the geography, population size or agency type, Accela’s Civic Solutions empower state and local governments to focus on citizens instead of the systems and services that support them.

With hundreds of customers at all levels of government, Accela has designed adaptable solutions that enable localities to achieve their strategic goals while speeding up service delivery and reducing staff time spent on government tasks.


State agencies can be large and complex, but managing agency services shouldn’t be.

Accela solutions have the power to automate even the most nuanced workflows, track records across departments and provide notifications and updates on a range of transactions. Whether your agency handles licensing and permitting tasks, environmental health issues, processes financial data or requires a systems for administrative or asset management, Accela has tools to help you and your staff succeed.

Popular tools for states:


The demands on city offices and departments have never been greater, and as residents first source of support, services can always seem in short supply.

To assist, Accela works with city departments to deliver tools that can scale the reach of staff and expedite department process. Analytics for the back office clarify resident requests and track response, mobile applications enable inspectors to report in the field, and tools for emerging issues like short term rentals and legalized cannabis streamline the regulatory process.

Popular tools for states:


At the intersection of city and state government, county departments are often challenged to fill the service gaps in between.

Accela’s Civic Platform has solutions to assist county agencies so they can focus on their goals and improving the government experience. Accela works with its county customers to develop technologies that breakdown down obstacles in a county’s core service areas and Accela collaborates with counties as a proud partner with the National Association of Counties (NACo).

Popular tools for counties:

Special Districts

Citizens are citizens no matter where they live, and at Accela, we believe the size of a government should never prevent access to innovative technologies.

That is why we package our services so they can scale up or down depending on a jurisdiction’s needs and budget. Using our cloud infrastructure and Software as a Service, Accela can equip any locality with the latest tools to serve citizens.

Popular tools for special districts:

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