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Transform Your Online Citizen Experience

Accela and our partner, OpenCities, share a common vision for the citizen experience.

  • Better search and discovery of information
  • Personalized content from any device
  • Transact, interact and do more online

Digital transformation isn’t just about a redesign of the current website; it’s thinking strategically about what your online presence should be. Accela and OpenCities’ combined expertise and technology to help you realize your vision for a new “digital front door” to all your online services.

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First-of-its-kind solution to integrate an agency website, forms, and citizen portal of a regulatory process system of record.

Department Portal

  • Department Portal has everything a department needs to digitally transform services including a best practice design template with no code and at an affordable price
  • Core functionality for department homepage and services
  • Form builder with drag and drop, smart logic, with no custom code required

Full Jurisdictional Website

  • A website is the digital front door to all agency services. Pre-built content templates get the job done, at an affordable price
  • Purpose-built for managing all citizen and government touch points
  • Easily digitizes PDFs to online service pages
  • Includes ability to prioritize the most popular request and task on the homepage
  • Offers more content templates than a department portal (i.e. News, Events, My Neighborhood)
  • Form builder with drag and drop, smart logic, with no custom code required

How it Works

A private API developed by Accela provides the highest degree of reliability and support as it manages the integration layers for the Premium Citizen Experience powered by OpenCities.

Branding Integration

Data Integration

Integrated Solution Benefits

  • Modernizes your agency website to transform the citizen experience journey
  • Leverages rich usage data and machine learning to continuously evolve the experience
  • Enables online user to quickly find the services they need and easy-to-understand, actionable content
  • Publishing online content and forms can be done without any coding skills
  • Data connection takes user data and pre-populates the Civic Application, saving your residents valuable time
  • Full mobile-responsive, accessibility-compliant, and forward-compatible

Empower customer self-service through a unified online experience

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