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Accela’s Spring 2020 Release provides enhanced usability for citizens, back office employees, and field workers, and next-generation solutions for easier and faster deployment.

New approach to true out-of-the-box solutions

  • Accela’s Civic Application for Fire Prevention V1 elevates the concept of packaged solutions by bundling all software and services in one deployable, comprehensive solution, making it easier for customers to evaluate and purchase solutions
  • Additional Civic Applications introduced with the Spring Release include:
    • Civic Application for Business Licensing V2
    • Civic Application for Alcoholic Beverage Control V2
    • Civic Application for Cannabis V3
    • Civic Application for Environmental Health V2.1

Significant improvements in back office and citizen usability and productivity

Enhanced record detail header, providing frequently needed information on the record main page rather than requiring repeated clicks into the record

Availability of 350 forms within the Angular-based forms designer, for faster and better-looking forms

Ability to access reference records from mobile devices to make it easier to investigate and check accuracy of information in the field

Improved access to inspection information for citizens, including documents and attachments such as pictures, video, and audio records collected by inspectors during site visits

Enhanced functionality with ESRI maps in GIS, including the ability to show, create, or modify GIS features and attributes directly from a mobile device

New capabilities for administrators

Enhanced support for capture of electronic signatures in Accela’s Electronic Document Review (EDR), and includes support for popular pads such as Topaz, ePadlink’s ePad II, etc.

Improved GIS diagnostics and maintenance

Simplified fee management for increased efficiency and productivity with fee administration

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