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Accela’s Fall 2020 Release is a result of engagement with many of our customers and partners and provides the following:

  • The most compelling citizen engagement capabilities in the market
  • Industry-leading reporting, data visualization, and dashboard creation
  • Robust set of out-of-the-box, pre-built solutions for specific regulatory functions
  • Enhancements in administration and extensibility
  • Enhanced usability for back office and mobile users

New Pre-Built Solutions: Civic Applications

This release includes two new Civic Applications with Service Request Management and Occupational Licensing.

Updates to the Civic Platform

APO Automated Data Syncing

Version 20.2 includes APO Automated Data Syncing, which allows the system to pull address/parcel/owner (APO) data and get the most current data in near real time. This provides faster and more accurate data downloads.

Forte payment module

It also includes a new Forte payment module which extends our support of payment systems from PayPal and ACI and adds Forte Payments for card and ACH payments. This means more functionality, such as chip reader capability, and more overall flexibility for our customers

New administration features

There are also new administration features in Version 20.2 such as enhancements to our configurable rule sets (scripts), and record type cloning which dramatically speeds the ability to add new functionality such as additional permit or license types to the system.

Citizen Engagement

Accela has created Premium Citizen Experience powered by OpenCities, which provides a full website creation environment to ensure our agency customers can provide the highest levels of citizen engagement.

Premium Citizen Experience allows agencies to create citizen-focused websites, online forms, and digital services without custom coding, offering citizens a digital front door to all the necessary resources and departments in their cities. Included is a product package that delivers modern mobile responsive, accessibility compliant, fully featured, and affordable websites.

man on couch with laptop computer

Enhanced Data Analytics Via Accela Insights

With Accela Insights, agencies can get direct, secure access to their data that is translated into business terms they understand. This is achieved through Microsoft’s PowerBI deeply integrated with our Civic Platform and provided to all our SaaS customers as part of their regular seat pricing.

This new solution lets users digest their Accela data like never before through interactive dashboards.

With Accela Insights, agencies can easily translate complex data into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights through a customizable dashboard without the need to hire external analysts.

Powerful analytics

Mobile and Accela Citizen Access

With Accela Mobile, we’ve extended offline functionality for inspections and running reports for convenience and ease of use.

We have also created personalized job lists, allowing users to change the actual data seen in job list by user role. Further, there is a new map update to IOS, providing optimized routing and scheduling for job lists to increase productivity.

Included in the release are updates in Accela Citizen Access (ACA), including new device responsiveness to adapt to various types of mobile devices without the extra work and cost of developing custom wrappers.

Finally, for ACA V20.2, we’ve added more productized templates for Brand Builder, so customers have more to choose from rather than having to build them on their own, resulting in more engaging websites with less development work.

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