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With each major release, software companies must balance new features, tech modernization, improved administration, and features to enhance usability. Accela’s Fall 2022 release was based largely on customer input and includes a combination of these aspects, designed to ensure customers get the maximum value from their Accela implementation.

Products Included in the Fall 2022 Release

  • V22.2 of the Civic Platform (features for SaaS and self-hosted, and SaaS-only)
  • Enhancements to Accela Citizen Access
  • V22.2 of Accela Mobile
  • Enhancements to the Civic Application for Environmental Health
  • Download the Solution Overview

Accela Civic Platform V22.2: SaaS and Self-hosted

  • Improved useability and performance features for managing Related Records
  • Minimum convenience fee configuration to ensure appropriate fees are automatically captured
  • Space Management enhancements so users can more easily organize and manage their workspaces, improving efficiency and productivity
  • Modern authentication protocols for Communications Manager for improved security

Accela Civic Platform V22.2: SaaS-only

  • Update Computer KeyboardA new pro-production staging environment to make it easier to test and train on new versions of the Civic Platform
  • Enhancements to Global Search to make it easier for users to find records
  • Additional usability features with Elasticsearch
  • Improvements with record results display in global search to improve user efficiency
  • Updated password policies to improve system security
  • A pre-built integration to PayPal’s Commerce Platform for easier system set up and administration

Accela Citizen Access (ACA)

  • Account Registration functionality enhancements to make it easier for residents to create and use secure accounts
  • Other usability updates with ACA with enhanced data masking, new capabilities in Brand Builder, and overall responsiveness

Accela Mobile V22.1.5

  • Updates to Route Sheet Ordering to make it easier to create optimized routes for field workers
  • The ability to display of addresses with fractions to ensure parcels and properties can be more easily identified
  • Updates to let field workers choose image size options when uploading images
  • Application name in inspection job list to make it easier for inspectors to find inspection records
  • A new feature to allow agency employees to locate inspectors in the field

Accela Mobile V22.2.1

  • Improvements allowing inspectors to edit their record descriptions in the field, ensuring they capture correct and useful information about their inspections
  • Ability for field workers to choose from several timestamp format options for added usability

Civic Applications

software code

Civic Applications are the pre-built configurations that shorten implementation time, leverage best practices in configuration and design, and ensures customers always know what the solution will be like when taken live.

  • Fall 2022 release includes enhancement to the Civic Application for Environmental Health to make it easy for residents to download inspection history for a particular facility to better understand safety aspects

Accela works hard to ensure agencies receive increased productivity, security, and performance with every major release, and we believe the Fall 2022 Release continues to achieve that goal for our customers.

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