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Streamline internal processes and embrace new regulatory mandates efficiently and transparently

In today’s environment, new technologies and markets are delivering both innovation and disruption to communities and states. Short-term rental companies like Airbnb have placed new demands for regulations in housing and the rapid legalization of medical and recreational cannabis have put tight deadlines on state and local agencies to regulate a developing industry. Accela’s suite of regulatory solutions helps agencies streamline and modernize new regulatory programs and processes. Though innovative digital strategies and the latest in Software-as-a-Service solutions, Accela works with governments to improve internal efficiency, meet new compliance standards and enhance service delivery while ensuring citizens are protected.

Short-term Rentals

Encourage tourism, protect citizens and businesses, and diversify your economy

Advances in technology have enabled citizens to partake in the sharing economy and more easily open their homes to travels. Many communities, however, are struggling to balance this new frontier and entrepreneurial spirit.

Accela Short-term Rental Registration delivers that balance with a streamlined licensing and enforcement system for governments and hosts. The online portal provides a quick and efficient route to web-based registration, while simplifying and encouraging compliance.

Legalized Cannabis

Effectively manage the cannabis licensing and permitting in your community

Cannabis regulation is a complex, emerging issue for state and local governments requiring a coordinated approach from multiple departments. New mandates—and increasing media and public attention on the topic—are placing added pressure on public agencies to move quickly and cost-effectively while also ensuring compliance and protecting public safety.

Configurable solutions on the Accela Civic Platform help local governments automate the issuance of new licenses and permits, renewals and transfers, investigations and hearings, code enforcement and zoning and occupational licensing.

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