One Platform

Unite your team, tear down the silos, and create enterprise-wide relationships to deliver exceptional citizen experiences, starting today.

Digital government at the tipping point

In the past two decades, digital technologies have accelerated and evolved to become more powerful and cost-effective. Government agencies are modernizing technical infrastructure, re-imagining service delivery, and strengthening resident and business connections.

But adding new technology isn’t enough. The key to aligning business and IT while optimizing resources is through an enterprise approach. A unified govtech stack built on a modern cloud platform helps agencies:

  • End data silos
  • Cut costs
  • Innovate service delivery
  • Address current priorities while preparing for future challenges

A unified approach to deliver trusted interactions

An enterprise approach aligns agency priorities, projects, and strategies to dramatically improve resident services and satisfaction. A single, purpose-built platform with a suite of ready-made cloud solutions empowers forward-looking governments to deliver elevated experiences at every touchpoint.

An enterprise-wide view aligns business and technology initiatives to eliminate redundancy and share data and workflows across various solutions. Learn more below about how an efficient and economical enterprise approach benefits you and your community:

Create unified experiences for residents, businesses, and partners

Responsive, multichannel delivery enables constituents to choose how to connect, including self-service options. Providing consistent experiences builds trust, engagement, and user satisfaction.

Act on cross-departmental data

Providing data access and visibility for all stakeholders supports better insights, decisions, and improves collaboration. Easy-to-use dashboards enable agencies to quickly identify issues as well as opportunities for continual improvement.

Optimize IT resources and budgets

IT staff still supporting on-prem or hybrid technology systems? Free your team for more productivity and higher-value work with the cloud and low-code tools. Pre-built civic applications APIs, and extensibility support the broader and complex requirements of large agencies.

Integrated data security

Cybersecurity has become a top priority for governments as agencies increasingly become the targets of hacking, ransomware, and other attacks. Accela on Microsoft Azure offers integrated security controls and protections to mitigate threats and preserve data integrity.

Transform services delivery

Residents and businesses alike increasingly expect seamless information and real-time responses through a single point of contact. Today, constituents expect fast, transparent, omnichannel, government services.

Achieve scalable growth for the long-run

A cloud platform enables you to connect existing applications through APIs, and add new departments and functionality as needed. The enterprise approach avoids a tangle of disconnected apps and provides a solid foundation that grows and evolves with your needs.

Infrastructure for uncertain futures

Financial market swings, geopolitical events and natural disasters can shift agency priorities overnight. An enterprise approach supports the rapid addition and implementation of new solutions and the ability to scale capacity on demand—while enabling agencies to reduce the number of applications required to support current and future service delivery.

Domain knowledge built through years of government-only experience

Accela has delivered digital solutions on a secure platform for more than 20 years. We provide a scalable and economical enterprise platform that enables agencies to deploy fewer, more powerful resources, while reducing the time and complexity of dealing with multiple vendors and point solutions. We work with governments at every stage of digital transformation, from removing antiquated, paper-based licensing and permitting processes to integrating with existing systems. Our customers have chosen us as the platform of choice for their modern path forward.

Our platform is purpose-built for state and local government functions, and includes:

  • Portals tailored for back office, field staff, and citizen users
  • Full process automation, including business logic
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Document services
  • Communications management
  • GIS mapping capabilities
  • Full security and identity management capabilities
  • Fee schedules and payment processing aligned with agency fee collection
  • APIs built for government

Govtech Unified: A better approach to elevate resident experiences, connect communities, and empower staff. Read more.