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Accela Announces the Commercial Release of Civic Platform 8.0

New Release Transforms User Experience and Mobile Access, Making Interactions Between Governments and Citizens Easier than Ever


Accela, the leading provider of cloud-based productivity and civic engagement solutions for government, today announced the availability of the Accela Civic Platform 8.0, a foundation of powerful, trusted and secure solutions designed for state and local government. The newest version of the Civic Platform features a responsive and carefully crafted user interface that reinvents the way government workers interact with citizens and meet their daily goals. The 8.0 release is the culmination of over two years of research, prototyping and testing, and features improvements designed to drastically increase application processing speed, facilitate multi-tasking, visualize and explore data in dashboards and maps, and share and find records from multiple workflows and across multiple departments.

“Over the last 18 months, Accela has added new, powerful solutions, such as Legislative Management, CRM, Finance & Administration and Environmental Health, and expanded upon the Civic Platform’s functionalities. As a result, we wanted this latest update to center on revolutionizing the user experience and delivering a seamless, elegant and highly intuitive interface to our customers,” said Maury Blackman, Accela President and CEO. “The Civic Platform is core to our mission of bridging the gap between governments and citizens and is designed to facilitate engagement—with citizens, across departments and jurisdictions, and with application developers looking to create solutions to help build better communities.”

“The City of Alameda is home to more than 75,000 citizens in the Bay area, and my team is constantly looking for ways to streamline city processes and improve efficiency,” said Gregory McFann, Building Official for the City of Alameda in California. “In a world focused on ease of use, the Civic Platform provides the added simplicity users have come to expect as a standard. For nearly two decades, our experience with the Accela Civic Platform has been superb and we are thrilled with the features of this latest update.”

This major release provides users greater control and flexibility and increases ease of use while extending functionality, introducing new features, such as:

  • Responsive Design – Provides user experiences tailored to mobile and desktop displays of all sizes;
  • Task Dashboard – Provides powerful tools to manage tasks from a single default landing page;
  • Launchpad – Provides centralized access for users to manage favorite pages and jump to recent activity;
  • Work Spaces – Provides quick access for users to navigate around the Civic Platform including pinning multiple workspaces to manage multi-tasking of the daily workload;
  • Search Space – Provides a single place to globally search the complete Civic Platform. Customers can save searches, access recent searches and run advanced searches from a central location;
  • Maps Dashboard – Allows users to perform daily functions directly from a map-based default landing page;
  • Enhanced Citizen Portal – Introduces a dashboard summary of activity and new branding and display options.

Accela’s expanded Civic Platform automates processes across government including: asset management, citizen relationship management, environmental health, finance and administration, land management, legislative management, licensing and case management, recreation and resource management, and right of way management. To learn more, visit:

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