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Accela Partners with Questys Solutions to Streamline Electronic Records Management, Increase Workflow Productivity for Monterey County

Partnership Provides Integrated Solution for Records Management Compliance


Accela, the leading provider of civic engagement solutions for government, today announced a joint integration with Questys Solutions to provide Monterey County, California a comprehensive solution for electronic content and records management. This integration will allow the County to automate and extend the Accela Civic Platform with Questys electronic document management, record management, imaging, data capture and workflow. Now, Monterey County will have streamlined access to records through keyword and full-text search, allowing employees to get to the information they need directly from their desktops in seconds rather than searching multiple applications or digging through paper records.

Monterey County has been using Questys Solutions, the leading provider of cost effective departmental applications and enterprise content management solutions, for more than 18 years. Through this latest partnership, the County aims to provide its staff greater transparency, accountability and coordination with the public and partner agencies, while increasing efficiencies to reduce costs and improve service delivery.

“With this integration, Monterey County can leverage a single point of content access in the Questys repository,” said Mike Myers, Chief Commercial Officer for Questys. “This will provide one trusted place for the County to find all of its assets, prevent issues with version control, increase productivity and ensure compliance.”

Accela Civic Platform provides cities the foundation for automating critical tasks associated with civic functions for land management, licensing, asset management, and public health and safety. Questys Solutions enables customers to manage their assets while increasing productivity and ensuring records management compliance. The partnership between these two solutions will further Monterey County’s mission of enhancing the quality of life and economic health of the community by providing responsive, efficient, and high quality public services and to promote good stewardship of natural and man-made resources.

“To achieve their goal of providing better services to citizens, government agencies need to better manage the flow of information throughout their organizations,” said Maury Blackman, Accela President and CEO. “Our partnership with Questys enables us to help customers like Monterey County reach this goal by advancing content management and optimizing business processes.”

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About Questys Solutions
Since 1980, Questys Solutions® has been enabling people to be more productive by transforming enterprise and departmental content and record centric processes. Questys helps organizations solve back office and front office challenges associated with capturing unstructured information, OCRing, categorizing, finding, sharing, and securing content, documents, records and Images. We automate, integrate and manage the information flowing within and around your organization, while helping to achieve transparency and compliance. Tens of thousands of users from organizations around the world and more then 1,000 customers — including federal, state and local agencies and Fortune 1000 companies— use Questys to streamline documents, contracts, cases, HR, Finance, legislative agendas, records with business process workflow to reduce costs and increase efficiency and interoperability. Regardless of the challenge, we have secure, easy to use and adopt on-premise, mobile and cloud solutions to meet your needs.

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