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Accela Welcomes Limehouse Software to Partner Program

San Ramon, Calif. (January 15, 2009) Accela, Inc., the leading provider of enterprise management software solutions that connect people to government services, announces that Limehouse Software has joined its Partner Program. Limehouse offers complementary technology to Accela’s Web-based applications and joins an ecosystem of partners that are dedicated to providing best-of-breed solutions for the public sector.

Limehouse Software facilitates document collaboration, publishing, and citizen engagement via the Internet, mirroring Accela’s focus on providing the public with online access to government services through its Accela Citizen Access™ software application. The two companies are working together to develop a joint Webinar for later this year.

“Limehouse Software is excited to be partnering with Accela, the leading innovator in government software,” said Limehouse Vice President and General Manager Sandy Calabrese. “Because both companies’ products increase efficiencies and promote transparency, this partnership and its synergistic portfolio will provide even greater rewards to our clients.”

Government agencies in Fort Worth, Texas and Indianapolis, Indiana are currently utilizing solutions from both Accela and Limehouse Software, and the two companies will continue to identify opportunities to provide agencies complete end-to-end solutions that address public demand for conducting business online.

“We are pleased to welcome Limehouse Software as our most recent partner,” said Accela Marketing Director Cici Arabian. “This partnership allows both of our companies to remain focused on what we do best while expanding and strengthening our reach.”

About Limehouse Software
Limehouse Software is the market leader in web-based document collaboration, creation, publishing and key stakeholder consultation solutions. Through this unique offering, Limehouse customers have been able to publish thousands of policy and strategy documents, online consultations and information portals. Founded in 2002, Limehouse Software supports over 300 customers; its software solutions are a key part of public and private sector communications across the UK, US, Canada and New Zealand.

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