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City of Miami Selects Suite of Accela Legislative Management Solutions to Manage Public Meetings, Cut Costs, and Connect with Citizens

Accela, the leading provider of cloud-based productivity and civic engagement solutions for government, today announced that the City of Miami, Florida, will implement a suite of Accela Legislative Management solutions that allows the City to more efficiently manage how it prepares for public meetings and provide greater transparency with its citizens. The City of Miami has selected to invest in multiple civic tech solutions on the Accela Civic Platform, including Agenda and Minutes, Civic Streaming, Digital Boardroom, and Boards and Commissions. The Accela Civic Platform is designed specifically for local and state governments to automate resource-intensive tasks and deliver modern services that connect governments with their citizens.

“Miami is a diverse and vibrant city, and with limited resources to meet growing demands, they were looking to simplify processes that were crucial for engaging with citizens in a digital era,” said Maury Blackman, Accela President and CEO. “By implementing Accela’s suite of legislative management solutions, Miami will be able to capitalize on efficiencies and time savings for staff, while offering greater access and transparency into services and events for citizens.”

By selecting and implementing multiple legislative management solutions, Miami will now be able to automate the entire legislative meeting process and improve the flow and retention of information. The Legislative Management platform will help make public meetings efficient and transparent for its citizens, as well as help the City save time and money by reducing the manual labor normally associated with legislative meetings. Miami will now be able to streamline meeting preparation and management, reduce paper usage, and engage citizens online using searchable minutes and videos from public meetings.

The City of Miami will incorporate the following Accela Legislative Management solutions:

  • Agenda & Minutes – Comprehensive solution to manage the entire legislative process, from drafting documents and recording approvals, to creating final meeting packets
  • Civic Streaming – Stream public meetings live and create an on-demand video library for those unable to attend
  • Digital Boardroom – Display agenda content, electronic voting and real-time vote results, and automated digital speaker queue.
  • Board & Commissions – Organize and maintain all materials related to the appointment process in one place

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