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King County, Wash., Selects Accela Software to Enhance Customer Service, Expand Public Access

Web-based technology to help county streamline internal business processes across multiple departments

SEATTLE, Oct. 14, 2009 – Accela, Inc. today announced that King County, Wash., has selected the Accela Automation software suite to spearhead a multi-department integration of online permitting and improve the delivery of permitting services. The county, whose seat is the city of Seattle, intends to take a leadership role in leveraging the Internet to provide transparent, accessible, efficient, and cost-effective online services to its more than 1.9 million residents. King County will deploy Accela Automation’s Accela Land Management™ and Accela Licensing & Case Management™ modules, as well as the Accela GIS™, Accela Citizen Access™ and Accela Wireless™ solutions.

To support a growing and increasingly complex roster of needs, King County will use Accela technology to track and manage the regulatory review process across multiple agencies. Once deployed in April 2011, Accela solutions will also help King County to streamline internal business processes across multiple departments.

“King County places great importance on delivering efficient, effective and innovative service, while prioritizing environmental protection and economic vitality,” said Stephanie Warden, Director of King County’s Department of Development and Environmental Services. “Several King County departments are joining in this project in order to develop a Web-based, self-service capability directly impacting the daily lives of county residents. We are all tasked with being as responsive as possible, and providing the public with immediate, coordinated, around-the-clock access to their government. Our contract with Accela will go a long way toward helping King County better serve its residents.”

“The most visionary local governments today understand that new approaches can make them more effective in delivering services to their constituents,” said Maury Blackman, CEO and President of Accela. “We’re pleased to assist King County as it looks to innovate with our solutions.”


Accela Automation provides government agencies with a solution to automate workflow, forms management, activity tracking, cashiering, and other important tasks, such as: permitting and building, licensing, planning, public works, and transportation. More specifically, Accela Land Management allows county and city governments to automate the hundreds of steps involved in completing a permit – including initial application, plan reviews, fee calculation and collection, inspections/investigations, and sign-offs – while Accela Licensing & Case Management enables these organizations to integrate a wide range of licensing, complaint, and enforcement activities and processes.

In order to maximize staff resources, public access and information sharing, King County will further deploy:

  • Accela GIS for geographic representations of all land-use, zoning, and infrastructure information associated with
  •  a parcel, permit, inspection or plan;
  • Accela Citizen Access to provide the public with transparent, 24/7 online access to the permitting process and
  • the status of their applications;
  • and Accela Wireless, a mobile government software application that allows government staff to perform
  • their jobs from the field for inspections, code enforcement, work orders, and service requests.


King County provides regional services to over 1.9 million residents including more than 340,000 people living in unincorporated areas. Services include Metro transit, public health, wastewater treatment, courts, jails, prosecutors, public defenders, community and social services, the King County International Airport, and local services such as police protection, roads services and garbage collection. King County is the 14th largest county in the nation, covering 2,134 square miles, 39 cities, 760 lakes and reservoirs, and six major river systems with 3,000 miles of streams. Further details can be found at:

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