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New Installation Tools and Documentation Make it Easier Than Ever to Automate Processes with Electronic Document Review

Nov. 9, 2011 — Thanks to new installation tools and technical documentation, reaping the benefits of Accela Automation’s Electronic Document Review feature has never been easier.  The new installer features a suite of best practice stamps, buttons and URLs, enabling departments to get started immediately.

Available as a fully integrated plan and document review feature within Accela Automation 7.1, Service Pack 4, the enhanced Electronic Document Review extends Accela Automation’s value as an end-to-end review and management system for the various types of regulatory documents – such as plans, architectural drawings, licenses, and more – which are required for project applications and renewals.

Electronic Document Review allows government staff to incorporate document review and markups directly into the existing Accela Automation processes that automate, organize, and track reviews.  The feature also provides access to documents when and where users need them across their agency teams.  This end-to-end management of electronic documents can boost compliance with local regulations and codes, while also shortening project cycles to the benefit of residents, businesses, and regional economies.  The International Code Council’s eCodes Premium Subscription is incorporated into Accela Automation, making eCodes digital code products directly accessible and reference-able by Accela Automation users.

Electronic Document Review’s tight integration with Adobe Acrobat X Pro provides easy review and markup of documents in industry-standard PDF format.  The feature also supports current EDMS connectors to third-party document management solutions, greatly facilitating inter-team collaboration by making documents – and their comments and markups – available for review to all agency and public users.  This capability accelerates document transfer and handling while also protecting the accuracy and integrity of edited documents.

Accela Automation 7.1, Service Pack 4, has been optimized for 64-bit, Windows 7 PCs and requires no new licensing fees.  With all of these benefits, there’s no better time to upgrade!  To learn more about Electronic Document Review, visit

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