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Springbrook Software Partners with OpenGov Inc. to Advance Cloud-Based Financial Solutions for Government

Partnership provides integrated financial transparency tools for local government


Springbrook Software, an Accela company, the innovators of SaaS-based finance and administration solutions for local government, and OpenGov, the market leader in cloud-based financial transparency for state and local governments, today announced a new partnership. As a result of the agreement, the Springbrook Finance & Administration solution is now integrated with OpenGov’s financial analysis platform and the combined benefits are available to customers immediately.

Springbrook and OpenGov are two civic-focused innovators that bring the latest technology exclusively to the world of government finance. Government has long been underserved by technology and many local governments run legacy ERP systems. These outdated solutions make it difficult to see where money flows, share that information across departments, identify how budget dollars are working in the community, and hold dialogues with citizens on budget issues.

The newly integrated cloud-based solution offers a seamless experience for financial teams to manage their agency’s fund accounting using Springbrook’s Finance & Administration Solution, and then share the financial information on OpenGov’s financial analysis platform. The platform allows agencies to visualize and present financial information and engage with all interested stakeholders. The result is a new and dynamic level of transparency that empowers administrators and elected officials to foster engagement and to build trust with the community.

One of the first joint customers of Springbrook and OpenGov, the City of Sausalito, California has first-hand experience with the efficiencies gained by gathering and reporting city financial data through cloud-based tools. “The ease of responding to the inquiries I’ve gotten and the time I’ve saved using OpenGov has been huge,” said Charlie Francis, Administration Services Director & Treasurer at the City of Sausalito.

Francis also noted the advantages of the solutions, which include the simplicity of looking at detailed expenses broken down by type and fund. The enhanced access to information makes it faster and easier to respond to inquiries related to how much exactly is being spent on things like maintenance, uniforms and salaries. Most notably, Francis points to how he was able to easily direct a constituent with an urgent question to access the Springbrook and OpenGov solution. In a few clicks, he found the answer to his own question. “This person called me numerous times in the past to help get detailed information. After I walked him through the tool, he was able to quickly dive in and get exactly what he needed,” said Francis.

“Partnering with OpenGov to develop this integrated solution for government agencies and constituents really delivers on our vision of helping agencies greatly improve operations and offer citizens a level of service that no one else can,” said Maury Blackman, President and CEO of Accela. “By modernizing technology and leveraging innovative companies like OpenGov, these solutions save incredible amounts of time and frustration trying to quickly hunt down information to answer even the most basic questions.”

“Both Springbrook and OpenGov have a shared mission of bringing the power and efficiencies of cloud technology to local government,” said Zachary Bookman, CEO of OpenGov. “Now Springbrook’s Finance & Administration customers have direct access to the OpenGov platform to gain more visibility into their financial data, collaborate across departments and build trust through greater transparency.”

Springbrook and OpenGov will kick off the partnership at the Springbrook Ignite User Conference May 5-7 in Portland, Oregon. In a dedicated session that will feature insights from the City of Sausalito, OpenGov will educate attendees on executing a successful financial transparency initiative and how leading local governments are transforming budget data into meaningful, consumer-friendly information that helps foster public trust and increase citizen engagement.

About Springbrook and Accela
Springbrook is an Accela Company, developing the Finance & Administration solution suite on the Accela Civic Platform. Springbrook solutions are specialized for local governments in need of dynamic Finance, Utility Billing, Payroll and Property Tax software. Accela’s Civic Platform, which includes open APIs and mobile apps, enables and improves core processes for city, county, state and federal governments. Accela’s solutions uniquely address the diverse needs of their constituents by making publicly available information more accessible. The Accela Civic Platform includes solutions for land management, finance, asset management, licensing and case management, legislative management and more. To learn more about the Springbrook Finance & Administration suite visit

With more than 2,000 customers worldwide, Accela is headquartered in San Ramon, California, with offices in San Francisco, Portland, New York, Melbourne and Dubai. For more information, visit

About OpenGov Inc.
OpenGov is setting a new standard for how governments analyze, share, and compare financial data. Founded in 2012 with headquarters in Silicon Valley, OpenGov is the market leader in cloud-based financial transparency for state and local governments. The OpenGov financial analysis platform transforms budget data into intuitive, interactive reports that make it easy to see how taxpayer money is collected and spent. With OpenGov technology, governments collaborate more effectively through their budgeting process, make smarter data-driven decisions and build trust through greater transparency. The company currently serves more than 275 governments across 37 states including Minneapolis, New Haven, Addison, TX, and Orange County. Learn more at

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