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Live or on-demand webinars available on the latest solutions and emerging regulatory issues

Fire Prevention

Super-Charge Your Inspection Coverage

On-Demand Webinar

Hear about best-practices for fire departments of all sizes to help manage all the moving parts associated with fire prevention, so more inspections are done, and communities are safer.

Length 30:00

Modern Tools for Community Fire Prevention Webinar Series

Join us for our webinar series on Modern Tools for Community Fire prevention to learn how Accela's cross-department data-sharing, modern mobile tools, online portal and next-gen reporting can help you protect your community and reduce risk.

Length 30:00

Eliminating Bottlenecks with Online Access to Services

09/23 at 10 AM PDT | 1 PM EDT

Discover how your job will change when all submitted fees, documents, plans and permit applications are captured in real-time, are easier to track, and create a seamless experience for contractors and property owners, while giving your fire department a single source of truth.

Length 30:00

Next-Level Advanced Fire Operations

09/30 at 10 AM PDT | 1 PM EDT
Learn about robust, but easy-to-use tools for the most advanced aspects of fire prevention.

Length 30:00

How to Simplify Your Fire Inspections

On-Demand Webinar

Fire departments have enough to juggle during these uncertain times, between responding to emergencies, managing staff schedules, processing permits and keeping our communities safe with ongoing fire inspections – it can all be challenging to manage – especially with outdated systems.

Length 60 minutes

Accela Civic Application for Fire Prevention Webinar

On-Demand Webinar

Join us for one of our webinars hosted by Accela product experts and discover what your fire inspections could look like with the Accela Civic Application for Fire Prevention.

Length 30 minutes


Navigating the Recovery – A Local Leader’s Guide To Reopening City and County Services

On-Demand Webinar

Experts from the Center for Digital Government and Accela will offer practical advice on assessing, planning and executing local government reopening strategies. They’ll breakdown critical considerations around local government workspaces, personnel policies, technology requirements, budgeting and more.

Length 30 Minutes

Navigating the Recovery – A Guide For Reopening State Government

On-Demand Webinar

Experts from the Center for Digital Government and Accela will offer practical advice on assessing, planning and executing state government reopening strategies. They’ll breakdown critical considerations around government workspaces, personnel policies, technology requirements, budgeting and more.

Length 30 minutes

Unauthorized Occupancy | Accela COVID-19 Response Solutions

On-demand webinar

Homelessness remains a problem in many cities and these individuals are especially vulnerable to COVID-19. When citizens are not able to isolate at home, they may find alternatives such as vacant homes or buildings which can be a public safety concern. Accela can help agencies with mobile solutions to collect occupancy information in the field and provide the ability for citizens to report vacant structures which become occupied.

Length 30:00

Non-Essential Business Enforcement | Accela COVID-19 Response Solutions

On-demand webinar

The spread of COVID-19 has required governments to quickly identify what constitutes a business as “essential” and able to stay open and operating during the pandemic.

Accela’s solution can help guide communities through this process by providing an online resource for citizens to file complaints about non-essential business that may be open and not complying with the latest mandates. The solution can also help agency staff capture data on potential violators and follow-up on a citizen report in a timely manner.

Length 30:00

Virtual Inspections | Accela COVID-19 Response Solutions

On-demand webinar

Mobile inspection and virtual inspection capabilities can help field workers continue critical, timely inspections or construction projects as scheduled without risk of COVID-19 spread. Accela can help agencies enable the features that will provide contractors with these capabilities online through Citizen Access.

Length 30:00

Online Citizen Services | Accela COVID-19 Response Solutions

On-demand webinar

Moving citizen services online enables government agencies to mitigate public health risks that could occur via in-person interactions at city or county offices. Accela can help agencies quickly setup critical online citizen services to reduce the need for people to travel to drop off paperwork and ensure business keeps moving forward in your community.

Length 30:00

Business Re-Opening Management | Accela COVID-19 Response Solutions

On-Demand Webinar
Municipalities are discussing how the re-opening of businesses impacted by COVID-19 will require a careful, phased approach with new rules and precautionary processes put in place.

Accela’s new Business Re-Opening Management solution helps agencies navigate the challenges and considerations of the re-opening process to ensure the safety of business owners and residents in the community.

Length 30:00

Temporary Occupancy | Accela COVID-19 Response Solutions

On-demand webinar

As cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) rise, governments are working to identify hotels, convention centers, cruise ships and other properties that can be quickly converted to separate individuals. This week, join us for a 60-minute webinar to discuss how Accela’s Temporary Occupancy COVID-19 Response Solution can help agencies across the country to manage the occupancy of these facilities.

Length 60:00

Volunteer Management | Accela COVID-19 Response Solutions

Accela can help agencies certify or re-certify medical professionals, and manage the screening, availability and scheduling of volunteers during the COVID-19 crisis.

Length 30:00

Temporary Child Care Facilities | Accela COVID-19 Response Solutions

Parents who work in health, safety, and essential services need childcare for their families. Accela can help agencies review, approve, and manage temporary licenses for childcare facilities and providers during the pandemic.

Length 30:00

Citizen Hub and Employee Hub | Accela COVID-19 Response Solutions

It is critical that departments continue to serve citizens during "shelter in place" restrictions. Accela can help agencies quickly deploy a Citizen Hub where citizens can get the latest community information and emergency updates, and qualify and apply for the services they need online. Similarly, an Employee Communications Hub helps staff stay on top of the latest processes enacted under COVID-19 orders.

Length 60:00

Customer Spotlight

Baltimore County’s New Approach To Digital Services

On-Demand Webinar

How did Baltimore County enable 3,500 agency employees to work from home in a matter of weeks? Join us on September 22nd for a new 30-minute webinar to find out. We are offering a new approach to digital services with an inside look at how Baltimore County is leveraging Accela technology to fill gaps in online services as they worked to continue to do business as usual during unusual times.

Length 30:00

Digital Service Expectations are Rising. Are You Ready?

Learn the inside story of how Tacoma, WA uses a digital permitting solution to streamline processes, save money and improve citizen experience.

Length 60:00

Advancing and Optimizing Services through Cloud Technologies – Featuring Deschutes County, OR | Customer Spotlight Webinar Series

This 30-minute webinar opens a window into Deschutes County’s efforts to accelerate planning and building services through cloud technologies.

Length 30:00

Exceeding Service Expectations with Cloud Solutions

This 30-minute webinar, Exceeding Service Expectations with Cloud Solutions, offers an inside look at how Manatee County leveraged the cloud to cut $250,000 in costs and improve operations at the same time.

Length 30:00


How to Assess and Accelerate Your Digital Services Strategy

Hear our experts discuss how to assess where you are in your cloud journey and how to build a comprehensive plan for delivering digital services.

Length 60:00

SaaS in Government: Insider Insights to Cloud Success

Join this webinar to learn how the cloud is driving value at the state and local level, as well as to discover new strategies for implementing cloud services.

Length 59:14

Targeted Tools for Tomorrow’s Government

Hear the pros and cons of selecting pre-packaged vs. customized SaaS solutions for government services and how ready-made solutions can increase time-to-value.

Length 59:52

Why SaaS Has Become the Standard for Government Agencies

Learn why government agencies are increasingly moving to the cloud, and how SaaS is helping them quickly get apps running at typically lower costs, and within a secure, high performance and scalable environment.

Length 53:48

Licensing and Case Management

Next-Gen Economic Development

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn why digital licensing and permitting services are critical for economic development and hear practical advice for deploying business-friendly digital services in your community.

Length 60:00

Cannabis Regulation for State Governments

Cannabis Regulation for State Government State regulatory agencies across the country are ramping up programs to enforce the safe production and sale of cannabis for medical or recreational use. New processes, high scrutiny, and demand for real time information and accuracy are changing the regulatory game for many agencies working to keep bad actors out of the system and guide new businesses towards compliance.

Length 39:00

Cannabis Regulation: Emerging Challenges, Best Practices and Technology Solutions

Listen to Accela and Judy Steele, the former Deputy Director of Denver, Colorado, discuss the challenges of building cannabis regulatory programs and how local governments can leverage proven best practices and technology systems to implement successful processes.

Length 58:50

Watch It Work Series

Join us for demo of Accela’s solutions and discover how
our solutions work in real world situations you encounter every day.