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Building safety is crucial to our communities, and that’s why we’re excited to celebrate International Building Safety Month!

It gives us a chance to thank the engineers, construction workers, trades unions, building inspectors, and other building professionals who make our buildings stronger, more sustainable, and more resilient.

Each May, International Building Safety Month brings building safety to the forefront. It provides a unique platform for government officials and developers to unite and address safety concerns collectively.

2024 marks the 44th edition of Building Safety Month with the theme “Mission Possible.”

We’ll be sharing new content each week, and we’re kicking things off by covering the basics of building safety and how Accela’s software plays a key role in modern communities.

Building Safety Basics

Evidence of building safety is all around us. On a community level, building safety can include adopting modern building codes or enacting sustainability initiatives.

Building safety is a comprehensive mission only possible when we all work together for positive change.
All communities need building codes to protect their citizens from hazards like fires, weather-related events and structural collapse.
Building codes are society’s best way of protecting homes, offices, schools, manufacturing facilities, stores and entertainment venues.
Building safety professionals, including code officials, work daily to keep the public safe.

Accelerating Community Development

Your agency can ensure new construction and renovations are up to code by enhancing transparency and visibility with Accela’s solutions. All appropriate personnel can view and mark essential documents such as building plans, orders, certifications, etc.

The pre-built solution:

  • Cuts turnaround times with digital permitting processes
  • Automates tracking and management of permit applications from intake to project completion
  • Provides total visibility throughout the process for agency staff and builders alike

Building tools facilitate safe construction by helping agencies optimize their planning and permitting functions by reducing the time it takes to review and issue permits, automating and tracking plan reviews, and enforcing state and local codes.

“Accela helped reduce plan issuance turnaround times. They have gone from 20 days to 3-5 days,” said Tracey Gutheim, Operations Manager for Development Services, Pima County, AZ.

Eliminating permitting bottlenecks and delivering quick turnarounds for applications, plan reviews and proposals, and building inspections is our goal.

We’re happy to celebrate Building Safety Month and what community development departments do daily to support safe, sustainable and livable development. Let’s all continue to collaborate to aid in this important mission.

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