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We all talk about partnership and what a good partnership means to us. At Accela, we truly strive to work in partnership with our customers. Accela Engage 2014 was a true testament of our commitment to our customers.

We’ve been focusing on how to be the best possible partner to our customers and to that end, we created the Customer Care organization as the next step in that journey. At Engage, we educated attendees on how Customer Care is revolutionizing the way we interact with our customers.


Customer Care team members during Accela Community Live at Engage 2014

Two years ago, we experienced a paradigm shift at Accela. We decided to create a new team that was responsible for the overall care of our customers from the purchase of our software, through the implementation, to support and into the future with expansion projects. The Account Management team, responsible for overall customer care, grew from a team of a few to a team of many. These team members have been working with our customers in true partnership to bring a personalized and regional approach to the Accela Community. As a result, customers have a single point of contact and are engaged in regional announcements, user groups and trainings.

A year ago, we introduced our Customer Success team, which has been very busy introducing a myriad of new features and functions. They’ve been helping customers leverage their investment in Accela through webinars on topics that are most meaningful such as how to leverage our Data Manager to import and export other communities’ record types. In addition, they’ve been proactively engaging in onsite and remote support sessions to optimize the deployment of our solutions. This team is growing rapidly and, according to user feedback at Engage 2014, is having an amazing impact for our customers!

This year, we’ve decided to fold what was formerly known as the Customer Resource Center under our Customer Care umbrella. We will be revolutionizing the way we provide Customer Support, and we will be empowering our Customer Support Representatives with access to not only our Customer Success Managers, but also other key technical resources within our company to quickly and accurately respond to customer requests. This year we will be hiring technical resources to supplement our current team so that we can respond faster and in a more comprehensive manner. We’ll be assessing our current case tracking tools and upgrading them to meet your needs.

During the International User Group meeting last week at Engage, all of the Customers responded positively to the Customer Care organization and the focus on revolutionizing the way we provide Customer Support. The next generation of Accela Community was previewed during the meeting and everyone agreed that they can’t wait for it to be live and ready to use. We’ll be updating customers on our progress through our quarterly International User Group lead meetings as well as the upcoming Fall Regional User Group meetings. Additional information can be obtained through our Account Management team.

We believe that with Account Management, Customer Success and Customer Support now under the Customer Care umbrella, we will be the partner that not just meets expectations, but exceeds them. We strive to make every aspect of the customer experience with Accela a meaningful one, and hopefully a delightful one.


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