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January Customer and Partner News and Training Highlights

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New year, new start. That’s why we’re sharing how you can move forward this year with Accela Insights, upcoming training to sharpen your skills, and…
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2023: The Year of Mobile

How Accela Mobile can increase efficiency in the field  The nearly 120,000 construction and building inspectors,…
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How Governments Will Leverage Data in the Coming Year

According to KPMG’s 2022 U.S. Technology Survey Report, 60 percent of government and private sector organizations are “proactively” working on their data strategy…
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Digitizing Government: Talent and Staffing Challenges Facing Government IT Teams

In the 2016 movie Zootopia, sloths make up the entire staff at the DMV. While comical, the film plays into a perception that government…
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Building Capacity: Building Capacity Through Communities of Practice

This article was originally published by the National Environmental Health Association’s (NEHA) Journal of Environmental Health in its November 2022 issue that can be found…
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Accela’s Fall 2022 Product Release Designed to Help Agencies Provide Better Resident Services

Digital transformation is vital for state and local governments to better serve their residents with productivity improvements for agency employees and enhanced online experiences for…
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Accela Inspires a Unified Approach to Govtech at Accelarate Conference, Announces Customer Award Winners

Nearly 1,000 govtech industry innovators convened in Salt Lake City, Utah, October 3-5 for Accelarate, Accela’s annual conference for customers, partners, and other govtech industry…
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Accela launches free solution to help customers impacted by Hurricane Ian expedite urgent inspections for recovery

In times of challenge and disaster, Accela understands the importance of rapid response and assessment to communities and residents to aid in clean-up and recovery.
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